Ghanaian Actor Samuel Yaw Dabo Welcomes Arsenal Scout Phil Antwi to Promote Young Talent in Ghana

Ghanaian Actor Samuel Yaw Dabo Welcomes Arsenal Scout Phil Antwi to Promote Young Talent in Ghana

Ghanaian actor and philanthropist Samuel Yaw Dabo has recently welcomed Arsenal scout Phil Antwi to Ghana. This visit is part of ongoing efforts to secure international opportunities for promising players from the Yaw Dabo Sports Academy. Antwi, who has been with Arsenal since 2020 as the lead scout for their U12s to U14s, arrived in the country on Wednesday and was greeted at the Kotoka International Airport by Dabo himself.

Antwi’s Visit: A Step Towards European Dreams

Upon his arrival, Antwi addressed the media, outlining the purpose of his visit. “I’ve come to watch Yaw Dabo Sports Academy. He’s got some very good players with good potential and hopefully they can get to Europe,” Antwi said. This visit highlights the increasing recognition of Ghanaian football talent and the efforts of local academies to provide a pathway to European clubs.

The Vision Behind Yaw Dabo Sports Academy

Samuel Yaw Dabo, primarily known for his acting career, has made significant strides in football administration with the establishment of his soccer academy. Last year, he acquired 16 plots of land in Yawbarima Krom, located in the Atwima Mponua district of the Ashanti Region, for the construction of a sports complex dedicated to nurturing young football talent. The academy aims to support underprivileged but talented footballers, providing them with the resources and opportunities needed to succeed in the sport.

Dabo’s vision for the academy is deeply rooted in his desire to give back to society. In an interview with Marca, he explained, “I have the Dabo Soccer Academy, because we have to support others. That’s my dream because, when you get money, you have to give it to somebody because everybody needs help. Me, too. I need help. My brother needs help. So I want to give back to my society to support others.”

Scouting and Recruitment: A Holistic Approach

Yaw Dabo’s approach to scouting and recruitment is both unique and impactful. He often visits orphanages and remote villages to identify and recruit talented players for his academy. This method ensures that even those from the most disadvantaged backgrounds get a chance to showcase their skills and pursue their dreams of becoming professional footballers. “I go to orphanages and I go to the villages to bring talented players to everybody to see that in Ghana we have very talented players,” Dabo said.

Infrastructure and Support

The Yaw Dabo Sports Academy is not just about football; it encompasses a holistic approach to the development of young athletes. The academy ensures that players receive a proper education alongside their football training. Dabo has employed a team of workers, including coaches and caterers, to provide comprehensive support to the players. This ensures that the young footballers have a balanced lifestyle, which is crucial for their overall development.

Partnerships and International Exposure

Dabo’s efforts to promote his academy and its players on the international stage have been noteworthy. His visit to Europe last year was aimed at finding solutions and partnerships to further support his academy. The arrival of Arsenal scout Phil Antwi is a testament to the growing international interest in the academy’s players. Such partnerships are essential in providing young talents with the exposure and opportunities they need to succeed at higher levels of the sport.

A Promising Future

The collaboration between Yaw Dabo Sports Academy and Arsenal’s scouting team is a promising development for the future of Ghanaian football. It reflects the potential of local academies to produce world-class talent and the importance of international partnerships in achieving this goal. The young players at the academy now have the opportunity to showcase their skills to one of the top clubs in Europe, which could significantly impact their football careers.


Samuel Yaw Dabo’s transition from a celebrated actor to a football administrator has been both impressive and inspiring. His dedication to supporting underprivileged footballers through the Yaw Dabo Sports Academy highlights the potential for sports to drive social change and provide opportunities for the less fortunate. The recent visit by Arsenal scout Phil Antwi underscores the academy’s growing reputation and the potential for its players to make it to top European clubs. As the academy continues to develop, it will undoubtedly play a crucial role in the future of Ghanaian football, nurturing the next generation of football stars.

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