Prince Tagoe Advises Mohammed Kudus to Consider Saudi Pro League Offers for Long-term Benefits

Prince Tagoe Advises Mohammed Kudus to Consider Saudi Pro League Offers for Long-term Benefits

Ex-Ghana striker Prince Tagoe has weighed in on the speculation surrounding Mohammed Kudus and his potential move to the Saudi Pro League, urging the talented midfielder to consider the benefits such a move could offer for his life after football. Tagoe, who himself spent a significant part of his career in Saudi Arabia, highlighted the competitiveness of the league and the importance of securing one’s future.

Tagoe’s Experience in Saudi Arabia

Prince Tagoe, who earned 37 caps for Ghana between 2006 and 2012, has firsthand experience of the Saudi Pro League. During his time in the Middle East, he played for top clubs such as Al-Ittihad, Al Shabab, and Al-Ettifaq before moving to Europe to sign for Hoffenheim. Tagoe’s insights into the Saudi league are based on his own experiences, and he is well-placed to offer advice to Kudus.

Speaking on Angel FM, Tagoe emphasized that the Saudi league is more competitive than it is often given credit for. “Kudus should consider what is best for him. But after every career, it is you and your family that matter,” Tagoe said. “If he goes to Saudi, he will realise that the league is not as easy as people perceive it to be. The Saudi league has always been strong, it just hasn’t received much attention.”

The Business Side of Football

Ghanaian football legend Asamoah Gyan also offered his perspective on Kudus’s situation. Gyan, who has had a storied career himself, pointed out that while passion is essential, football is ultimately a business. He stressed the importance of players making decisions that will secure their financial future.

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“If it [reports] is true, it would be a very tough decision, I cannot decide for him, it depends on his people. He is young but if you watch the business module of the game, although we are playing with passion, football is business,” Gyan told Asaase Radio.

Gyan’s advice underscores a crucial aspect of professional sports: the need to balance passion with pragmatism. For young players like Kudus, who have the potential to shine in Europe, the lure of a lucrative contract in the Saudi Pro League must be carefully weighed against long-term career goals and financial security.

Kudus’s Current Situation

Mohammed Kudus, currently a standout player for West Ham United, has reportedly drawn interest from several Saudi clubs willing to offer him substantial salaries. His West Ham contract includes a release clause of £85 million, which reflects his high value and the interest he has garnered across various leagues.

Kudus has been a pivotal player for West Ham, showcasing his skills and potential to become one of the top midfielders in Europe. However, the financial incentives from the Saudi Pro League present a tempting opportunity, especially for securing a stable future beyond his playing career.

The Competitiveness of the Saudi Pro League

Tagoe’s comments on the Saudi Pro League’s competitiveness are particularly significant. The league has historically been overlooked, but in recent years, it has attracted higher-caliber players and increased investment, raising its profile and level of competition. For Kudus, moving to Saudi Arabia could provide a challenging and rewarding environment, contrary to the common perception that it is an easier option compared to European leagues.

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Tagoe’s advice for Kudus to consider the move with an eye on life after football is rooted in the reality that professional athletes have relatively short careers. The financial security provided by a lucrative contract in the Saudi Pro League could be invaluable in the long run, ensuring that Kudus and his family are well taken care of once his playing days are over.

A Tough Decision Ahead

For Mohammed Kudus, the decision to move to Saudi Arabia or continue his career in Europe is undoubtedly a tough one. Both Tagoe and Gyan’s insights highlight the complexity of this decision. On one hand, staying in Europe allows Kudus to continue developing his skills at the highest level of competition. On the other hand, a move to Saudi Arabia offers financial benefits that could secure his future.

Ultimately, the decision will come down to Kudus and his advisors. They will need to weigh the immediate financial rewards against long-term career ambitions and the potential for growth in either environment.


Prince Tagoe’s advice to Mohammed Kudus to consider a move to the Saudi Pro League with an eye on life after football provides a valuable perspective on the business side of the sport. As Kudus navigates his promising career, balancing passion with pragmatism will be key. The insights from experienced players like Tagoe and Gyan offer a nuanced view that could help Kudus make a decision that benefits both his current career and future stability. Whether he stays in Europe or makes the move to Saudi Arabia, Kudus has the potential to continue making a significant impact in the world of football.

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