Ownership and Funding

I, Mensah Ernest, proudly stand as the CEO and founder of International Sports, a platform dedicated to sharing the latest sports news from around the globe. With a deep-rooted passion for sports and a decade-long journey in the media industry, I embarked on this venture to bridge the gap between sports enthusiasts and the thrilling world of international sports.

International Sports company Founded in [2013, website in 2023], International Sports was born out of my unwavering love for sports and my desire to create a space where fans from every corner of the world could come together to celebrate their favorite athletes and teams. As a respected media personality in Ghana, I bring a unique perspective to the global sports narrative, infusing the website with insights and stories that resonate with fans worldwide.

With a decade of experience in the field, I have witnessed the transformative power of sports in uniting people across cultures and continents. International Sports is not just a website; it is a testament to the universal language of sports, connecting fans and athletes beyond borders.

Join me on this exhilarating journey as we explore the triumphs, challenges, and extraordinary moments that define the world of international sports. Together, let’s celebrate the spirit of athleticism and the unifying force that is sports.

Mensah Ernest
CEO, International Sports

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