Inaki Williams Condemns Racial Abuse of Brother Nico, Calls for Unity Against Racism

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Inaki Williams Condemns Racial Abuse of Brother Nico, Calls for Unity Against Racism

Athletic Bilbao forward Inaki Williams has spoken out against the racial abuse his brother, Nico Williams, suffered during last Saturday’s La Liga match against Atletico Madrid. The incident occurred when Nico complained of racial abuse from a section of the fans at the Wanda Metropolitano, leading to a brief stoppage in play. When the game resumed, Nico scored and celebrated by pointing to his skin, which was met with boos from some of the home fans.

Supporting His Brother

Despite Athletic Bilbao’s 3-1 loss, Inaki has shown unwavering support for his brother, condemning the racial abuse and criticizing the fans who targeted Nico. “My brother does everything the best he can on the field. He enjoys making people who watch him happy, and I have not understood why people criminalize him,” Inaki said in an interview with Citi Sports.

Directing Blame at the Perpetrators

Inaki believes that the blame should be directed at the fans who hurled racial insults, not at the victim. “I think those whistles should be directed at the people who said those insults and not at the victim. No.” He emphasized that this is not an isolated incident and that racism is a persistent problem that needs to be addressed.

Building a United Front Against Racism

Inaki stressed the importance of unity in combating racism, not just in football but in society as a whole. “It’s not the first time it has happened. In these types of things, we have to build together, not only in football but a good world in which these types of actions cannot be tolerated.” He added, “I think this scourge has to end. I think that, in the end, people have to understand that it is not easy to put up with this type of insult.”

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A History of Support

This is not the first time Inaki has spoken out against racism. Last year, he showed support for Real Madrid’s Vinicius Jnr after the player faced racial abuse during a game against Valencia. Inaki’s consistent stance against racism demonstrates his commitment to creating a more inclusive and respectful environment in football and beyond.


Inaki Williams’ condemnation of the racial abuse his brother Nico suffered is a powerful statement against racism in football. By directing blame at the perpetrators and calling for unity against racism, Inaki is helping to create a more inclusive and respectful environment in the sport. His support for his brother and other victims of racism demonstrates the importance of standing together against discrimination and promoting a culture of acceptance and understanding.

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