He’s Getting Closer To Me – Marco Van Basten Compares Himself To Cristiano Ronaldo

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He's Getting Closer To Me - Marco Van Basten Compares Himself To Cristiano Ronaldo

Talking about soccer, lots of folks think Cristiano Ronaldo is one of the best ever. But not everyone agrees. Even Dutch soccer legend Marco Van Basten has his doubts.

This 38-year-old Portuguese guy has been a star at different clubs for a while now. He’s super fit, especially for his age. Not many players his age are as fit as him.

Ronaldo has tons of awards and records. So, what Van Basten said might surprise you.

Van Basten’s Take on Ronaldo

This former AC Milan superstar said something interesting about Ronaldo.

He was on the De Cor podcast recently and talked about how some players today remind him of his time.

He said, “Lewandowski’s kinda like me.”

Then he talked about Ronaldo.

He thinks Ronaldo is close to him, but physically stronger. Ronaldo’s 38 and still playing. Van Basten wonders how he’d do at 38. He believes he’d be even better.

Back in the day, Van Basten was a top forward. He scored an amazing goal in the UEFA Euros against the Soviet Union, helping the Netherlands win.

He also won the European Cup twice with AC Milan in 1989 and 1990. Sadly, a bad injury made him miss a lot of games. He had to retire at 28 because of ankle problems. He scored over 350 goals and won three Ballon d’Or awards.

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