Stop misusing Thomas Partey, he’s not a right- back – Angry Arsenal fans blast Mikel Arteta

Stop misusing Thomas Partey, he’s not a right- back – Angry Arsenal fans blast Mikel Arteta

Criticism has emerged from a faction of Arsenal fans, directed at Mikel Arteta’s consistent choice of fielding Thomas Partey as a right-back.

The Gunners’ manager has introduced changes to the team dynamics this season, notably shifting Ben White from his customary right-back position to a central defensive role.

Partey, recognized for his midfield contributions during his tenure at Arsenal, has taken on an unexpected role as a right-back in all three of the club’s recent Premier League fixtures.

The surprise of this strategic move is underscored by the fact that Partey has not previously operated in this position.

Unfortunately, the outcome proved unfavorable for the Ghanaian international and Arsenal, as they conceded points in a draw against Fulham on a Saturday match, where Partey was once again deployed as a right-back.

In response to this tactical decision, an Arsenal supporter voiced their discontent on the talkSPORT morning show.

The fan expressed frustration and disbelief over Arteta’s choice to utilize Partey in a position unfamiliar to him, stating, “It’s disappointing. I’m genuinely angry! Partey’s skills are being wasted as a right-back. The logic behind this move escapes me. Why experiment in this manner?”

Meanwhile, in the previous week, Arteta showered praise upon Partey for his adaptability and hinted at the potential for him to serve as a right-back for an extended duration.

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The manager’s remarks shed light on the strategic rationale, noting the need for a different midfield presence to enhance team performance and capitalize on specific opportunities presented by the opponent’s defensive setup.

In Arteta’s words, “We anticipated a specific game scenario, which indeed unfolded. To optimize our tactics and exploit openings in the opponent’s defense, we required a distinct midfield approach, fostering fluidity and strategic positioning.

The outcome of this strategic tweak was highly satisfactory,” affirmed the Arsenal head honcho.

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