Rio Ferdinand surprised as Oleksandr Zinchenko ranks Partey ahead of Rodri, Casemiro and Fernandinho

Rio Ferdinand surprised as Oleksandr Zinchenko ranks Partey ahead of Rodri, Casemiro and Fernandinho

Rio Ferdinand Astonished as Oleksandr Zinchenko Names Best Midfielder He’s Played With

In a surprising revelation on the recent episode of Ferdinand’s Vibe with Five podcast, Oleksandr Zinchenko left former Manchester United legend Rio Ferdinand utterly shocked.

The Ukrainian player disclosed his choice for the best midfielder he has ever played alongside, a statement that had such an impact that Ferdinand jokingly threatened to leave the room.

During the engaging podcast, which featured Arsenal defender Zinchenko as a guest, a range of personal and professional topics were explored.

However, it was the discussion around holding midfielders that led to the jaw-dropping moment. Co-host Joel Beya, in conversation with Zinchenko, asked the crucial question: Is Zinchenko’s Arsenal teammate Thomas Partey superior to the well-acclaimed United midfielder Casemiro?

Zinchenko’s response was measured and respectful: “Casemiro is undeniably a world-class player, with an impressive track record including five Champions League victories. But if I were to make a choice, my pick would be Partey.”

Delving into the thought process behind his choice, Zinchenko elaborated on the challenge he faced in selecting the finest holding midfielder he has had the privilege to share the field with. He confessed, “The internal debate was intense. It came down to Fernandinho, Rodri, and Partey.”

Fernandinho’s influence had a profound impact on Zinchenko’s decision. Recalling their time together at Shakhtar, Zinchenko expressed his deep appreciation, stating, “I witnessed Fernandinho’s brilliance during his time at Shakhtar, and his guidance significantly contributed to my growth. He holds a special place in my heart, much like an elder brother.”

The shockwaves of Zinchenko’s assertion left Ferdinand, the seasoned 44-year-old football icon, in a state of astonishment.

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Overwhelmed by the unexpectedness of the choice, Ferdinand humorously quipped that he was considering leaving the room altogether. In an animated manner, he conveyed his amazement, asking, “I have immense respect for Partey, but to say he’s better than Rodri?”

In defense of his stance, Zinchenko responded with an audible exhale, indicating the weight of his decision.

Ferdinand’s reaction only amplified the intensity of the moment. However, Zinchenko remained steadfast, appealing to Ferdinand’s curiosity: “Rio, I invite you to witness Partey’s prowess during our training sessions. His skill set is truly comprehensive.”

While championing Partey’s abilities, Zinchenko was quick to acknowledge the critical role that Rodri played in Manchester City’s triumphant campaign of the previous season.

Recognizing Rodri’s seamless integration into City’s tactical framework, Zinchenko remarked, “Rodri’s synchronization with City’s system is remarkable. His absence would undoubtedly alter the team’s dynamics. Playing his position is arguably the most challenging task.”

As the conversation concluded, it was clear that Zinchenko’s candid revelation had sparked contemplation and discourse.

The upcoming clash between Zinchenko’s Arsenal and Manchester United heightened the intrigue surrounding this revelation, as both teams prepared to showcase their midfield prowess at the Emirates Stadium on Sunday afternoon.

In essence, Zinchenko’s declaration not only provided insight into his perspective on exceptional midfielders but also fueled discussions and debates within the football community.

The podcast episode, enriched by this revelation, underscored the ever-evolving nature of football opinions and the fascinating dynamics of player preferences.

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