Dad or Guardiola Who is more scary? Erling Haaland’s Hilarious Answer Trends on Social Media

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Dad or Guardiola Who is more scary? Erling Haaland’s Hilarious Answer Trends on Social Media

Erling Haaland faced a rather tricky situation on the last day of August, precisely on Thursday. That’s when he got hit with the big question: who terrifies him more – his dad, Alfie, or his coach, Pep Guardiola?

You see, this Manchester City star snagged the prestigious UEFA Men’s Player of the Year title, beating out some heavyweights like Lionel Messi and fellow countryman Kevin de Bruyne. A well-deserved win, if I may add, for this young striker had an absolutely dazzling season in 2022/23, where he managed to find the back of the net an astonishing 52 times in just 53 games!

Now, picture this. Haaland is basking in the glory of his award when Reshmin Chowdhury from talkSPORT throws this curveball at him, asking who sends more shivers down his spine: his gaffer or dear old dad. What a pickle!

Haaland needed to whip up a response that was politically sound, especially with his dad hanging out just a few yards away. The pressure was on, and he had to think fast!

“An excellent question! Well, sometimes Pep can be a tad intimidating, I must admit,” he replied, as quoted by CBSsportgolazo. “But then again, my father can also be quite a force to reckon with.”

And then, he brought up a rather interesting incident from City’s opening Premier League match. Apparently, Guardiola wasn’t thrilled with Haaland’s first-half brace and made sure to let him know it, even at halftime.

“But hey, I don’t mind it at all when Pep raises his voice. It’s like he’s trying to unlock something in my mind that he thinks I’m missing,” Haaland said, as if brushing off the incident with a shrug. “So, yeah, I don’t have any complaints about that. He’s just trying to make me a better player.”

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And then, he switched gears to talk about his father: “As for my dad and me, well, we have our disagreements, no doubt. But we’ve also shared some great moments. So, yeah, no complaints there either.”

Before the awards ceremony, Haaland and the Manchester City gang got the lowdown on their Champions League opponents, thanks to the Group stage draw. The Citizens find themselves in Group G, where they’ll be squaring off against Leipzig, Red Star Belgrade, and Young Boys. It’s going to be quite a ride!

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