Sell this injury-prone Thomas Partey – Gabriel Agbonlahor advice Arsenal

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Sell this injury-prone Thomas Partey - Gabriel Agbonlahor advice Arsenal

Former England striker Gabriel Agbonlahor has offered his perspective on Arsenal’s midfielder, Thomas Partey, suggesting that the club should consider selling the Ghanaian due to concerns about inconsistency and injury proneness.

Agbonlahor’s advice revolves around the idea that Arsenal needs more reliability to compete for trophies.

Partey’s Role in Arsenal’s Resurgence

Thomas Partey played a pivotal role in Arsenal’s resurgence during the previous season. Under the guidance of manager Mikel Arteta, the Gunners challenged Manchester City for the Premier League title, coming close to securing it until the final weeks of the campaign, ultimately finishing as runners-up.

Current Injury Woes

However, the 30-year-old midfielder has faced ongoing issues with injuries. He is presently sidelined due to a groin injury, and the duration of his absence remains unspecified.

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This injury has already caused him to miss several crucial matches this season, including encounters against Manchester United, PSV, and Tottenham.

Agbonlahor’s Perspective

Gabriel Agbonlahor, the former Aston Villa forward, shared his perspective on Thomas Partey’s situation during a talkSPORT Radio discussion.

He expressed concerns about Partey’s inconsistency, stating that his performances fluctuate from game to game. Additionally, Agbonlahor highlighted Partey’s vulnerability to injuries, which further raises questions about his reliability.

Agbonlahor’s Advice to Arsenal

In light of these concerns, Agbonlahor suggested that Arsenal should consider parting ways with Thomas Partey if the right transfer offer is made.

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He questioned whether Partey provides the club with more than 50% of a season of his best football, emphasizing the need for consistency. Agbonlahor also highlighted Arsenal’s summer acquisition of Declan Rice, which has mitigated the impact of Partey’s absence.

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The Need for a Long-Term Replacement

Agbonlahor’s advice to Arsenal includes looking for a long-term replacement for Thomas Partey. While recognizing Partey’s talent and contributions,

Agbonlahor believes that injuries could become a growing concern as the player ages. Therefore, planning for a future without Partey in the squad is a prudent move in Agbonlahor’s view.

Partey’s Recent Absence

As of now, Thomas Partey has missed Arsenal’s last five matches due to his groin injury. The club has not disclosed his expected return date, leaving fans and observers waiting for updates on his recovery.


The advice from Gabriel Agbonlahor, a former footballer with experience in the English Premier League, highlights the concerns surrounding Thomas Partey’s consistency and injury proneness.

While Partey has been a valuable asset to Arsenal, Agbonlahor suggests that the club should weigh the benefits against the drawbacks and consider parting ways if the right offer comes along.

Additionally, Agbonlahor emphasizes the importance of securing a long-term replacement to ensure the club’s stability and competitiveness in the future.

Arsenal fans will be watching closely to see how the club addresses this situation and whether they choose to follow Agbonlahor’s advice.

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