At exactly 6:00am they sacked us – Kevin-Prince Boateng Reveals Why He and Muntari Were Sacked from the Ghana World Cup Camp in 2014

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At exactly 6:00am they sacked us - Kevin-Prince Boateng Reveals Why He and Muntari Were Sacked from the Ghana World Cup Camp in 2014

Former Ghanaian footballer Kevin-Prince Boateng has opened up about why he was dismissed from the Black Stars camp during the 2014 FIFA World Cup. 

The 36-year-old revealed that he and his teammate Sulley Muntari were sent home for disciplinary reasons, but he believes it was because they protested against the treatment of players in the camp.

In a recent interview on Vibe with FIVE, Boateng explained, “I got kicked out from the national team and Schalke in the same season. 

We had a meeting, and I criticized them, and I said, ‘they can’t treat us like that’ because we know how much they make, and they should invest in the organization [and] give the players the money they deserved.”

Boateng’s outspoken criticism did not sit well with the team management, leading to their expulsion from the World Cup squad. 

Their dismissal came on the morning of Ghana’s final group game against Portugal, which they went on to lose 2-1, ending their tournament run in Brazil.

Sulley Muntari, Boateng’s fellow teammate who was also sent home, retired from professional football the year before, while Boateng himself officially retired from the sport in 2023.

In addition to his revelations about the World Cup incident, Boateng recently made headlines for a personal milestone. 

He shared on social media that he had been baptized in Germany and publicly affirmed his faith in Jesus as his Lord and Savior. 

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This religious ceremony marked a significant moment in his life, and he shared the experience with his millions of followers on Instagram.

Boateng also expressed high praise for his former coach, Roberto De Zerbi, whom he worked with during his time at Sassuolo. 

The retired midfielder declared De Zerbi as the “best coach in the world” and credited the Italian manager for his attention to detail, which Boateng believes helped players improve. 

One of the standout moments in Boateng’s career occurred when he was 32 and playing under De Zerbi’s guidance.

In summary, Kevin-Prince Boateng’s recent revelations shed light on the circumstances surrounding his dismissal from the 2014 FIFA World Cup and his strong opinions about player treatment. 

He also shared a significant personal milestone in his life ā€“ his baptism ā€“ and praised his former coach, Roberto De Zerbi, for his coaching abilities. Boateng’s retirement from professional football in 2023 marks the end of an era for the Ghanaian midfielder, who has left a mark on the football world both on and off the pitch.

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