I can’t spend huge amounts on a lady who doesn’t bring anything to the table – Osimhen

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I can't spend huge amounts on a lady who doesn't bring anything to the table - Osimhen

Nigerian footballer Victor Osimhen has shared his thoughts on the kind of woman he’s interested in having a relationship with.

The 24-year-old, who plays for Napoli, talked about how he values financial independence in a partner and how physical appearance is not a top priority for him.

In an interview with Korty EO, Osimhen made it clear that he expects his partner to be financially independent and contribute to the relationship. He stressed that he doesn’t mind how a person looks physically; what matters more to him is that they bring something of value, particularly in monetary terms, to the relationship.

Osimhen even gave an example of not being willing to spend a lot of money on an expensive Birkin bag for a woman who wouldn’t reciprocate the gesture on his own birthday.

He said, “I cannot buy a Birkin bag for a girl, and when it’s my turn, she tells me, ‘a king is born today. If you’re not bringing anything to the table, I don’t want you.”

These comments by Osimhen have sparked mixed reactions on social media. Some people agree with his perspective, while others believe that there are non-financial contributions that a woman can make to a relationship that are equally valuable.

One individual noted, “As a man, there are still occasions where this rule may not completely apply. Some ladies are actually the ones who provide support.”

Another person added, “A man can be wealthier than his woman and still give her expensive gifts, but there are other aspects in a relationship that aren’t about money.”

In addition to discussing his views on relationships, it was reported earlier that Victor Osimhen’s family celebrated the first birthday of his daughter, Hailey.

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The celebration took place in the Olusosun area of Lagos, where Osimhen grew up. Despite playing in Italy, he maintains a connection with his hometown.

The birthday celebration included food, drinks, and gift items for the children in attendance, making it a joyful occasion for Hailey and the neighborhood kids.

In summary, Victor Osimhen has expressed his preference for a financially independent partner who can contribute to their relationship. He values financial equality and believes that this aspect is more important than physical appearance.

These comments have generated various reactions on social media, with some supporting his viewpoint and others emphasizing non-monetary contributions in relationships. Additionally, Osimhen’s family celebrated his daughter’s first birthday in their hometown, providing a heartwarming moment of community and celebration.

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