Football World surprised by Attack on Lyon Team Bus, Manager Fabio Grosso Seriously Injured

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Football World surprised by Attack on Lyon Team Bus, Manager Fabio Grosso Seriously Injured

Lyon has issued a grave warning following a distressing incident that occurred in Marseille, where the team’s manager, Fabio Grosso, was seriously injured during an attack on the team bus. This unfortunate incident led to the postponement of the Ligue 1 match between Lyon and Marseille.

The attack on the Lyon bus, which was en route to Stade Velodrome on Sunday, involved rocks being hurled at the vehicle. Lyon has revealed that both Fabio Grosso and assistant manager Raffaele Longo were struck by these projectiles, resulting in facial injuries. The incident has been denounced by Marseille, with the club expressing their disapproval of the unacceptable behavior.

French Sports Minister Amelie Oudea-Castera confirmed that seven individuals have been arrested in connection with this incident. The attack was not limited to the team bus but also extended to six coaches carrying Lyon fans, further escalating the gravity of the situation.

In a statement, Lyon expressed regret that such incidents seem to occur annually in Marseille. The club has called upon the authorities to assess the seriousness and recurrence of these events to prevent a more severe tragedy in the future.

The attack on the team bus saw multiple individuals violently assaulting the vehicle, resulting in broken windows. Images circulating on social media showed Fabio Grosso injured and lying on a stretcher. Lyon has clarified that Grosso and Longo were directly hit in the face during the attack, causing significant injuries.

Initially, Lyon had expressed the desire to proceed with the match. However, their decision changed in light of the injuries sustained by Grosso and Longo and after considering the mental state of the players. The Lyon president, John Textor, expressed his anger and concern, explaining the extent of Grosso’s injuries, which included shards of glass in his face.

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Marseille also condemned the violent actions, stating that they are entirely unacceptable. Marseille’s president, Pablo Longoria, expressed his respect for Fabio Grosso and visited him immediately after the incident. The club wished a swift recovery to Grosso and strongly condemned the violent behavior that has no place in football and society.

The postponement of the game was decided upon in a crisis meeting that followed the attack. The French football governing body, LFP, confirmed that its Competitions Commission would determine the next steps in response to this incident.

Marseille has stated that they will comply with any decision regarding the fixture’s future but hope it can take place as soon as possible and under the best conditions at the Stade Velodrome.

This distressing incident left thousands of fans already inside the stadium disappointed as the announcement of the game’s postponement was made. Referee Francois Letexier explained that the decision was taken in accordance with Lyon’s wishes and the protocol, and it has been reported to the relevant authorities for further action.

French Sports Minister Amelie Oudea-Castera strongly condemned the incident, emphasizing that such acts go against the values of football and sport and that the perpetrators should face severe punishment.

FIFA President Gianni Infantino emphasized that violence has no place in football, reaffirming the need to eradicate such behavior with determination.

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French football expert Julien Laurens described this incident as a “terrible image for French football.” He expressed his frustration and labeled the situation as unacceptable.

Lyon, a seven-time French champion, had appointed Fabio Grosso as their manager in September after parting ways with Laurent Blanc. This incident has raised concerns about the security and safety of football matches in France.

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