‘This is very Funny’ – Asamoah Gyan finally responds to Court ruling over his divorce settlement

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'This is very Funny' - Asamoah Gyan finally responds to Court ruling over his divorce settlement

Former Black Stars captain Asamoah Gyan has shared his thoughts on the recent news about his divorce settlement with ex-wife Gifty Gyan. On Tuesday, October 31, 2023, it was reported that after three years in court, the divorce case between the Ghanaian footballer and his former partner had been settled.

In the settlement, Gyan, who had questioned whether he was the father of their three children, was ordered to pay Gifty a monthly stipend of GHc25,000. The court ruled that all three children were indeed Gyan’s biological children.

It’s worth noting that the GHc25,000 monthly stipend covers regular expenses but does not include additional costs like school fees for the children, medical and dental care fees, and flight tickets for travel. Additionally, Gyan’s house in the UK and another house in Ghana have been awarded to Gifty. One of Gyan’s businesses, a gas station located in Prampram, as well as a BMW car owned by the former Black Stars legend, have also been transferred to Gifty.

In response to this news, Asamoah Gyan took to Twitter and responded to a news report by Ameyaw Debrah. He addressed his over one million followers on the platform with a cryptic message. He wrote,

The tweet from Gyan is somewhat open to interpretation. It appears that he might not be entirely satisfied with the divorce settlement. It’s possible that he feels he is being treated unfairly, or perhaps he believes the settlement is too generous to Gifty.

Furthermore, Gyan’s tweet may also be alluding to the fact that he remained quiet about the divorce case for three years, while Gifty discussed it openly in the public eye. He could be implying that she is trying to gain sympathy from the public, and he might find this unfair.

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The divorce settlement is likely to have substantial financial implications for Asamoah Gyan. He is now obligated to pay Gifty GHc25,000 every month, which is a considerable amount of money. Additionally, he will need to part with some of his assets, including his UK and Ghana houses, a gas station in Prampram, and a BMW car.

This settlement may also impact Gyan’s football career. As a professional footballer, he relies on his physical and mental well-being to perform at his best. The financial and emotional stress stemming from the divorce settlement could take a toll on Gyan’s overall well-being, potentially affecting his performance on the pitch.

In conclusion, Asamoah Gyan’s reaction to the news of his divorce settlement is understandable given the significant financial and personal implications it carries.

While Gyan has not provided detailed comments on the settlement, it remains possible that he may choose to appeal the court’s decision. As of now, the settlement is in effect, and Gyan will be required to pay Gifty GHc25,000 every month. The situation is undoubtedly challenging for both parties involved, and its full impact on their lives remains to be seen.

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