Now my teammates call me Kwaku the Baller – Inaki Williams after his late goal against Madagascar

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Now my teammates call me Kwaku the Baller - Inaki Williams after his late goal against Madagascar

Inaki Williams, the footballer of Spanish descent playing for Ghana, is basking in the glow of a new nickname given to him by his teammates – “Kwaku the Baller” – after his recent goal for Ghana. The 29-year-old, representing Athletic Bilbao, secured a 95th-minute victory against Madagascar in the first 2026 World Cup qualifier at the Baba Yara Sports Stadium, marking a significant moment not only for the team’s success but also for Williams’s personal comeback.

Williams, whose goal drought had raised discussions about his potential benching after 11 games, silenced critics with a decisive header from Gideon Mensah’s precise cross, securing a crucial three-point victory for the Black Stars.

Expressing gratitude in a post-match interview, Williams revealed the origin of his new nickname and credited his teammates for their support.

“The Almighty made this possible for me,” Williams shared with a bright smile. “All my teammates are calling me ‘Kwaku the Baller’. I’m so happy. I can only say thank you. Gideon Mensah put in a good cross and I scored the goal. I’m so happy.”

Watch that beautiful header from Inaki Williams

Williams’s goal was not only a personal triumph but also a collective relief for the entire Black Stars squad. His timely strike not only boosted his confidence but also lifted the team’s morale.

Moreover, the goal’s significance extended to the Black Stars’ World Cup qualification hopes. Williams’s late goal rescued the team from potential defeat, securing three crucial points for their journey to the 2026 World Cup.

The nickname “Kwaku the Baller” encapsulates Williams’s standout performance against Madagascar, showcasing his technical skill and ability to perform under pressure. Beyond its literal meaning, the nickname reflects the respect and admiration Williams has garnered among his teammates, solidifying his integral role within the Black Stars family.

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Despite being a relatively new face on the international scene, Williams has showcased his potential to become a key player for the Black Stars. His versatility, talent, and dedication make him a formidable force on the field, and his recent goal has undoubtedly boosted his confidence.

With his newfound nickname and enhanced confidence, Williams is poised to become a prominent figure in Ghanaian football. His journey from a player facing pressure to the celebrated “Kwaku the Baller” is a testament to his resilience, determination, and unwavering commitment to his craft.

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