I helped Inaki Williams Spiritually to score his first goal for Ghana – GH prophet, Azuka

I helped Inaki Williams Spiritually to score his first goal for Ghana – GH prophet, Azuka

Self-proclaimed Ghanaian prophet, Azuka, has stirred controversy by claiming credit for Black Stars’ Striker, Inaki Williams, scoring his first goal for the senior national team. Azuka asserts that he conducted spiritual rituals that paved the way for Williams’ goal.

In a TikTok live video, Prophet Azuka stated that he received a divine revelation before the 2022 World Cup that Inaki Williams would not score a single goal for the Black Stars unless he intervened spiritually. According to the prophet, he declared in church the day before the match that he would perform rituals to break the spiritual hindrance and allow Williams to score against Madagascar, expressing his fondness for the player.

Prophet Azuka claimed to have carried out the spiritual activities and rituals, ultimately enabling Inaki Williams to score a goal. However, the striker himself has attributed his goal against Madagascar to God.

In his social media posts, Williams wrote, “It wasn’t luck. It was God.”

This situation has sparked discussions and reactions, with some questioning the validity of such claims and attributions in the realm of sports. While Azuka asserts his influence through spiritual rituals, Inaki Williams, in contrast, acknowledges a divine aspect, emphasizing the role of faith in his achievement.

The controversy surrounding these contrasting narratives adds an intriguing layer to the dynamics of belief and attribution in the realm of sports achievements. It also prompts reflections on the intersection of faith, spirituality, and the diverse perspectives individuals hold in interpreting success on the field.


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