Comoros football fans troll Ghanaians with Akrobeto after beating the Black Stars in the World Cup qualifiers

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Comoros football fans troll Ghanaians with Akrobeto after beating the Black Stars in the World Cup qualifiers

Comoros football fans added a bit of fun after their national team’s surprising victory over Ghana in the 2026 FIFA World Cup qualifiers.

The upset occurred on Tuesday when the Comoros team secured a 1-0 win over the Black Stars in Moroni, dealing a setback to Ghana’s World Cup qualifying campaign.

The winning goal came from a brilliant first-half strike by Myziane Maolida, securing the Comoros’ second consecutive triumph over Ghana, following their earlier victory in the last Africa Cup of Nations (AFCON). The victory propelled the Coelacanths to the top of Group I in the World Cup qualifiers with six points, putting them ahead of both Mali and Ghana.

The defeat left fans of the Black Stars disappointed, and the Comorian football community couldn’t resist the opportunity to engage in some light-hearted banter.

On the social media platform X (formerly Twitter), a Comorian football page with the handle @ComorosFootball took advantage of the moment to playfully tease Ghana.

The page shared a viral video featuring Akrobeto, a popular Ghanaian comic actor, as part of their good-natured trolling of the Black Stars. The video likely added a touch of humor to the victory celebration for Comoros football enthusiasts.

The outcome not only marked a notable success for the Comoros team but also emphasized their growing prowess in international football, especially against traditional football powerhouses like Ghana.

The good-spirited exchange on social media showcased the camaraderie and enthusiasm that often accompany these sporting events, where fans celebrate victories and engage in friendly banter.

As Comoros revels in their unexpected triumph and the boost in their World Cup qualifying campaign, Ghana will regroup and refocus on their remaining matches in the competition.

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The dynamics of football often bring surprises, and the Comoros team’s recent successes have undoubtedly captured the attention of football fans worldwide.

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