The Black Stars can reach the finals of this AFCON – Former coach Kwasi Appiah

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The Black Stars can reach the finals of this AFCON - Former coach Kwasi Appiah

Former Ghana coach, Kwasi Appiah, has expressed his confidence in the Black Stars’ potential to reach the final of the 2023 Africa Cup of Nations in Ivory Coast. Despite Ghana’s 42-year wait for a tournament victory, Appiah believes that the current coach, Chris Hughton, and the team have the capability to surprise many. In this report, we delve into Appiah’s insights and optimism, focusing on the team’s strengths and the challenges they may face on their quest for success.

I. Enduring Optimism

Kwasi Appiah’s enduring optimism in Ghana’s performance at the AFCON is evident in his belief that, despite the prolonged wait for victory, the team has the potential to make it to the final. He acknowledges the prevailing skepticism among Ghanaians but remains steadfast in his support for the Black Stars.

II. Leadership under Chris Hughton

Appiah highlights the leadership of current coach Chris Hughton as a key factor in the team’s potential success. The former coach emphasizes the importance of Hughton’s strategic decisions and management style in steering the team towards a positive outcome. Appiah’s confidence in Hughton’s leadership adds a layer of assurance to Ghana’s prospects in the tournament.

III. Quality of Players

A central theme in Appiah’s optimism is the quality of the players in the current squad. He believes that the team possesses the necessary skills and talent to perform well at the AFCON. The emphasis on the players’ abilities underscores the importance of individual and collective prowess in achieving success in a highly competitive tournament.

IV. Bold Decision-Making

Appiah underscores the significance of bold decision-making as a key element in the team’s potential success. Whether it be tactical adjustments or critical in-game decisions, Appiah’s belief is grounded in the idea that a proactive approach will serve the Black Stars well in navigating the challenges of the AFCON.

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V. Surprising Ghana

Reflecting on past instances where Ghanaians underestimated the national team, Appiah suggests that such skepticism can fuel the team’s determination to exceed expectations. The element of surprise, according to Appiah, has been a recurring theme in Ghana’s football history and could play a pivotal role in the team’s performance at the 2023 AFCON.

VI. Opening Group Stage Campaign

Ghana is set to open their group stage campaign against Cape Verde on Sunday, January 14, 2024. The significance of the initial match sets the tone for the team’s journey in the tournament. Appiah’s confidence is likely to be put to the test as the Black Stars aim for a strong start against Cape Verde.

VII. Group Stage Challenges

The Black Stars face formidable opponents in their group stage matches, including a clash against record champions Egypt. The team’s ability to navigate these challenges will be a crucial determinant in their pursuit of reaching the final. Appiah’s optimism, therefore, hinges on the team’s preparedness to confront and overcome tough opposition.


Kwasi Appiah’s confidence in Ghana’s journey at the 2023 Africa Cup of Nations is rooted in a combination of factors – enduring optimism, trust in Coach Chris Hughton’s leadership, belief in the players’ quality, emphasis on bold decision-making, and the potential for the team to surprise skeptics. As Ghana kicks off its campaign, all eyes will be on the Black Stars, eager to see if Appiah’s positive outlook translates into a successful and memorable AFCON campaign.

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