I am giving my full support to Ghana – Dede Ayew’s Ivorian wife choose Ghana over her own country

I am giving my full support to Ghana – Dede Ayew’s Ivorian wife choose Ghana over her own country

Yvonne Ayew, the wife of Black Stars captain Andre Ayew, is showing her unwavering support for Ghana in the upcoming 2023 Africa Cup of Nations (AFCON). Despite her Ivorian background, Yvonne is firmly behind her husband’s country, optimistic that they will secure their fifth AFCON title, even if they have to contend with the host nation Ivory Coast.

The 34th edition of AFCON is set to kick off on Saturday, January 13, in Ivory Coast, with Ghana’s opening game scheduled for Sunday. The Black Stars find themselves in Group B, facing competition from Cape Verde, Egypt, and Mozambique. On the other hand, Ivory Coast, aiming for their third title, will be battling it out in Group A against Nigeria, Equatorial Guinea, and Guinea Bissau.

Yvonne Ayew has a unique perspective, expressing her dual allegiance to both Ghana and Ivory Coast. Despite her support for Andre Ayew and the Black Stars, she also conveyed her joy at the possibility of the host nation, Ivory Coast, clinching the prestigious trophy. In an interview with Canal Plus, Yvonne shared, “This year, I support Andre [Ayew]. He’s in the Ghanaian team. But, if Ivory Coast wins, I’ll also be very, very, very happy.”

Ghana’s national team arrived in Ivory Coast on Wednesday, marking the beginning of their AFCON journey. The team wasted no time and immediately engaged in their first training session in preparation for the tournament. The excitement was palpable as the players showcased the vibrant Ghanaian culture, donning colorful Kente and native sandals.

The anticipation for the AFCON is not only felt by the players but also by fans and supporters. Yvonne Ayew’s support reflects the sentiment of many who are hoping for a successful campaign for the Black Stars. The team is eager to end Ghana’s AFCON title drought, with the disappointment of the previous edition still fresh in their minds, where they exited the tournament in the first round.

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Chris Hughton, along with his team, is focused on redemption and is determined to make a strong impact in the competition. The AFCON journey promises excitement and challenges for both players and fans alike. As the Black Stars embark on this footballing adventure, they carry the hopes and dreams of a nation, aiming to bring glory back home.

The tournament itself is a showcase of talent, skill, and the rich footballing diversity of the African continent. With teams vying for supremacy, each match becomes a spectacle for fans, and the camaraderie among nations is evident both on and off the pitch.

Ghana’s presence in Ivory Coast adds to the vibrant atmosphere of the tournament, with the team not only focusing on their on-field performance but also taking the opportunity to celebrate and share their cultural identity. The colorful display of Kente and native sandals is not just a fashion statement but a symbol of pride and unity for the players and their supporters.

In conclusion, Yvonne Ayew’s support for Ghana in the 2023 AFCON reflects the excitement and passion that surround this prestigious tournament. The blend of football and cultural celebration creates a unique atmosphere, and the hopes of a nation rest on the shoulders of the Black Stars. As the tournament unfolds, fans will be glued to their screens, eagerly anticipating every goal, save, and moment of triumph. The AFCON journey is not just a football competition; it’s a celebration of the beautiful game and the diverse cultures that make up the tapestry of African football.

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