Sadio Mane’s 18-year-old wife receives a huge welcome celebration from her schoolmates as she returns

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Sadio Mane's 18-year-old wife receives a huge welcome celebration from her schoolmates as she returns

Sadio Mane, the former Liverpool forward, recently took off to the African Cup of Nations with his Senegal teammates, proudly displaying a photo of his wife, Aisha Tamba, as his phone background. The couple tied the knot in a traditional arranged marriage in Senegal on January 7, just before Mane’s departure for the tournament.

Aisha Tamba, who is 18 years old, had a traditional arranged marriage with Mane, as revealed by her father, Amadou Tamba. According to him, the decision for their union was made while Aisha was still in school, with both families agreeing to wait until she turned 18 to allow her to finish her studies. It’s worth noting that Mane has been reportedly supporting Aisha’s education.

The legal age of consent in Senegal is 16, and Aisha’s father emphasized that the marriage was based on mutual understanding and voluntary acceptance by Aisha. Mane first laid eyes on Aisha more than two years ago when she visited his family with her mother, creating a connection that eventually led to their marriage.

On the flight to the Ivory Coast for the African Cup of Nations, Mane proudly showed off his phone background, featuring a photo from their wedding. The image captured Aisha in an intricate, fitted, lacey dress with long sleeves and a silky veil.

Aisha’s father, a wealthy contractor in the construction industry, revealed that he has been working closely with Mane and his family on various projects since 2013. He spoke highly of Mane’s values, education, faith in God, and humility, stating that he learned much from the footballer. Mane’s uncle, a close friend of Mr. Tamba, acted as a go-between, facilitating the formal marriage proposal with an imam representing Mane.

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President Macky Sall of Senegal even acknowledged Mane’s wedding during a flag handover ceremony for the national team. Sall congratulated Mane and jokingly mentioned that, in addition to scoring goals, Mane now has another job – managing a happy marriage.

In response to questions about the wedding, Mane was seen joking with a fan, thanking everyone for the messages and humorously suggesting that all single people must now leave Senegal. The jovial interaction showcased Mane’s lightheartedness and camaraderie with his fans.

The upcoming African Cup of Nations will see Mane play a crucial role in Senegal’s title defense. Drawn into a challenging group stage with matches against Cameroon, Guinea, and Gambia, Senegal is set to face Gambia in their opening match on January 15.

The video clips and anecdotes surrounding Mane’s wedding have added a touch of personal connection between the football star and his fans. It’s evident that Mane’s charisma and positive relationship with his supporters extend beyond the football field.

As Mane embarks on the tournament with his Senegal teammates, the focus will undoubtedly be on their performance on the pitch. Fans eagerly anticipate the defending champions’ matches, hoping for more memorable moments from the talented forward and his team.

In conclusion, Sadio Mane’s recent marriage and the light-hearted moments surrounding it have created a buzz among football enthusiasts. The Senegal national team’s journey in the African Cup of Nations adds an extra layer of excitement, with Mane poised to make significant contributions to their title defense.


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