Daniel Amartey angrily deletes all his Black Stars photos on his Instagram page after losing his position to Salisu

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Daniel Amartey angrily deletes all his Black Stars photos on his Instagram page after losing his position to Salisu

Black Stars defender Daniel Amartey has recently cleared his Instagram profile of all content related to the national team as Ghana prepares for a crucial match against Mozambique in the 2023 Africa Cup of Nations (AFCON). Despite being on the bench for the previous games against Cape Verde and Egypt in the ongoing tournament, the Besiktas centre-back has chosen to remove any reference to his national team involvement on social media.

The exact reason behind the 29-year-old’s decision remains uncertain, but there are indications that his frustration may be linked to the lack of playing time. Amartey, who played a significant role during the qualifiers, seems to have lost his starting position to Mohammed Salisu, who recently returned to the squad after an extended absence.

Since making his debut in 2015, Amartey has been a consistent member of the national team, accumulating an impressive 52 appearances. However, his recent absence from the starting lineup has raised questions about his role in the team and his future contributions to Ghana’s campaign in the AFCON.

The Black Stars are in need of a victory on Monday as they aim to secure a pathway to the knockout stage in the tournament. The team’s performance in the upcoming match against Mozambique will undoubtedly be crucial, and fans are eager to see how the players, including Amartey, will contribute to the team’s success.

Amartey’s decision to clear his Instagram profile of national team content has sparked speculation among fans and the media. While the exact motives are unknown, it is not uncommon for athletes to express their frustration or discontent through social media actions. Whether Amartey’s move is a result of personal frustration, a desire for more playing time, or other factors remains to be seen.

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It’s worth noting that Amartey has been a loyal and dedicated member of the national team for nearly a decade, and his contributions during the qualifiers played a significant role in Ghana’s qualification for the AFCON. However, the dynamics of the team can change, and players must adapt to new challenges and competition for positions.

The competition for starting positions in football teams is fierce, and players often face challenges in maintaining their roles in the starting lineup. In Amartey’s case, the return of Mohammed Salisu to the squad may have shifted the dynamics of the defense, leading to changes in the starting lineup.

While Amartey’s frustration, if indeed linked to playing time, is understandable, it’s essential for players to maintain professionalism and continue supporting their team, even if they find themselves on the bench. Team dynamics are crucial in football, and players must work together to achieve common goals.

As the Black Stars aim for victory against Mozambique, the focus should be on collective efforts to secure a place in the knockout stage. The tournament’s unpredictable nature means that any player, including those on the bench, may be called upon to make a significant impact in crucial moments.

Amartey’s experience and past contributions to the national team make him a valuable asset, and his attitude and dedication in training and on the sidelines can still positively influence the team. The journey through a tournament like the AFCON is filled with challenges, and unity within the squad is essential for overcoming these challenges and achieving success.

In conclusion, the upcoming match against Mozambique holds significant importance for the Black Stars, and the focus should be on the team’s collective efforts to secure a victory. While Amartey’s decision to clear his Instagram profile adds an element of intrigue, the primary objective should be on the pitch, where players can make a meaningful impact and contribute to Ghana’s success in the AFCON.

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