The Black Stars coaching job should be given to ex-players like Essien, Laryea, Appiah – Charles Taylor

The Black Stars coaching job should be given to ex-players like Essien, Laryea, Appiah – Charles Taylor

Following Ghana’s disappointing campaign at the 2023 AFCON, former Ghanaian footballer Charles Assampong Taylor is making a compelling case for a significant shift in the management of the Black Stars.

The team’s inability to progress beyond the group stage, coupled with a dearth of victories under Chris Hughton’s leadership, prompted the Ghana Football Association to part ways with the entire technical staff, including Hughton.

In the midst of the post-tournament shake-up, Taylor has put forth a persuasive proposal – the appointment of former players, equipped with coaching credentials, to spearhead the national team. He specifically highlights the potential of esteemed figures such as Michael Essien, Laryea Kingson, and Stephen Appiah, all of whom have earned coaching badges.

Taylor’s perspective is rooted in the belief that the Black Stars require a leadership overhaul, and former players with an intimate understanding of the game could instigate the necessary transformation.

In a recent interview with Angel FM, he emphasized, “No local coach can handle the team due what some of them did, but some people can actually help the Black stars. Michael Essien, for instance, is one of the old players who can help the Black stars to achieve success. The players in the Black Stars will obey him. If you add Laryea to the team, it will also make sense and help us.”

Essien, an iconic figure known for his successful playing career with Chelsea, has transitioned into coaching. The prospect of having a figure of Essien’s stature leading the Black Stars has garnered support from Taylor, envisioning a positive impact on both the players and the overall performance of the national team. Essien’s experience in top-level football and his coaching qualifications make him a compelling candidate for the managerial role.

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Laryea Kingson, another name put forward by Taylor, is a former Ghanaian goalkeeper and midfielder who played a significant role in the national team during his career. Kingson, like Essien, has earned his coaching badges, and Taylor sees the inclusion of Kingson in the coaching staff as a valuable asset.

The idea is to create a coaching team that resonates with the current players, understanding their perspective and bringing a fresh approach to the management of the team.

Stephen Appiah, a former captain of the Black Stars, is also part of Taylor’s trio of recommended candidates. Appiah, actively involved in coaching after retiring from professional football, brings a wealth of experience and leadership qualities to the table. His understanding of the Ghanaian football landscape and his rapport with the players could contribute significantly to the team’s success.

The call for the appointment of former players as coaches aligns with a broader trend in football, where successful players transition into coaching roles.

These individuals not only possess an innate understanding of the game but also bring a unique perspective that resonates with the players. The argument is that former players can establish a stronger connection with the current squad, fostering an environment of trust and collaboration.

The recent dismissal of Chris Hughton as the head coach of the Black Stars has opened up a crucial vacancy that the Ghana Football Association must fill judiciously.

The decision to disband the entire technical staff indicates a desire for a comprehensive reevaluation of the team’s structure and leadership.

While foreign coaches have played crucial roles in the development of football in various nations, the emphasis on local talent, especially former players, reflects a desire for a more nuanced and culturally resonant approach to coaching the Black Stars.

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As the Ghana Football Association contemplates the appointment of a new coaching staff, the financial aspect of the team’s participation in the AFCON also comes into focus. Despite the early exit, Ghana is set to receive a consolation prize of $700,000.

While this sum doesn’t negate the disappointment of the tournament results, it acknowledges the efforts put forth by the players and serves as a financial acknowledgment of their participation.

The financial reward is not only a gesture of appreciation but also an indication of the importance of international tournaments in generating revenue and promoting the growth of football. It underscores the economic significance of a successful national team, with financial incentives serving as a means to ensure sustained motivation and commitment from players.

Looking ahead, the choice of the new coaching staff will be pivotal in shaping the future trajectory of the Black Stars.

The trio of Michael Essien, Laryea Kingson, and Stephen Appiah, endorsed by Charles Assampong Taylor, represents a blend of experience, leadership, and coaching acumen. The hope is that their appointment would inject fresh energy into the team, fostering a renewed sense of purpose and determination among the players.

In conclusion, the aftermath of Ghana’s 2023 AFCON campaign has prompted a reevaluation of the Black Stars’ coaching setup. Charles Assampong Taylor’s advocacy for the inclusion of former players with coaching credentials brings an intriguing dimension to the discussion.

The potential appointment of Michael Essien, Laryea Kingson, and Stephen Appiah carries the promise of a new era for Ghanaian football. As the Ghana Football Association navigates this critical decision-making process, the broader football community watches with anticipation, hopeful for a revitalized and successful Black Stars under the guidance of these revered former players turned coaches.

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