Watch a young Neymar penalty technique that made FIFA change penalty rules.

Watch a young Neymar penalty technique that made FIFA change penalty rules.

It’s hard to forget the electrifying rise of Neymar, the young Brazilian prodigy who burst onto the football scene with Santos before embarking on a remarkable journey through Barcelona, PSG, and now Al-Hilal in Saudi Arabia. As Neymar, now 32 years old, continues to carve his legacy in the footballing world, fans fondly recall the time when his penalty-taking technique was so revolutionary that FIFA had to intervene with a rule change.

Neymar’s journey began in Santos, where he mesmerized audiences with his flair, skill, and eye for goal. In 142 appearances for Santos, Neymar found the back of the net an impressive 73 times, showcasing his natural talent and potential for greatness. It was during this time that his unique penalty-taking style started to gain attention and cause a stir in the footballing community.

A pivotal moment in Neymar’s career came in 2013 when Barcelona came knocking with a dream offer. The initial £49 million transfer fee signaled Neymar’s transition to one of the biggest clubs in the world, where he would go on to further cement his status as a global footballing icon. However, it was his time at Santos that laid the foundation for his fame and set the stage for the discussion surrounding his penalty-taking technique.

A recent viral video resurfaced memories of Neymar’s early days at Santos, showcasing his unconventional approach to penalty kicks. In the video, Neymar is seen executing his signature run-up, which involved stopping just before striking the ball, causing the goalkeeper to commit early and leaving the net wide open for Neymar to calmly slot the ball into the opposite corner. It was a move that baffled defenders and left fans in awe of Neymar’s audacity and creativity on the pitch.

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Neymar’s penalty-taking prowess was evident in his statistics at Santos, where he converted 11 out of 14 penalties with his unique technique. At least five of those penalties were executed using his distinctive run-up, highlighting its effectiveness and impact on the game. However, as Neymar’s reputation grew and opposition goalkeepers voiced their concerns, FIFA was prompted to address the issue and implement a rule change.

The controversy surrounding Neymar’s penalty-taking technique stemmed from the perceived unfair advantage it provided him. Goalkeepers argued that Neymar’s hesitation disrupted their timing and made it difficult for them to anticipate his movements, resulting in a higher likelihood of conceding goals. The debate reached a tipping point when FIFA intervened with a ban on feint-style run-ups during penalty kicks.

FIFA’s decision to outlaw Neymar’s run-up marked a significant moment in football history, as it represented a shift in the rules governing the game. The amendment to Law 14 stipulated that players must maintain a continuous forward motion during their run-up, preventing them from stopping or feinting just before striking the ball. This change aimed to restore fairness and integrity to penalty kicks while preserving the essence of the game.

The impact of FIFA’s ruling reverberated throughout the footballing community, sparking discussions among players, coaches, and fans alike. Some lamented the loss of Neymar’s innovative approach, while others welcomed the decision as a necessary step to maintain the integrity of the sport. Regardless of the differing opinions, one thing was clear: Neymar’s legacy had left an indelible mark on the game, prompting FIFA to adapt and evolve in response to his ingenuity.

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As Neymar continues to showcase his talent and skill on the pitch, fans are reminded of the days when his unique penalty-taking technique captivated audiences around the world. Though his style may have been deemed unsporting by FIFA, its impact on the game and subsequent rule change serve as a testament to Neymar’s influence and legacy in football. As the sport continues to evolve, Neymar’s name will forever be synonymous with innovation, creativity, and the enduring pursuit of excellence on the pitch.

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