Amad Diallo is set to leave Manchester United at the end of the season, with many clubs constantly showing interest

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Amad Diallo is set to leave Manchester United at the end of the season, with many clubs constantly showing interest

Tony Mowbray, the manager of Birmingham, and Watford are reportedly eyeing a loan move for Manchester United’s talented winger, Amad Diallo. This move is being considered as a potential solution to provide Diallo with more playing time and experience, given his limited opportunities at Old Trafford.

Mowbray has a history of working with Diallo during the winger’s loan spell at Sunderland last season. This previous collaboration has likely sparked Mowbray’s interest in bringing Diallo to Birmingham, where he believes the winger could thrive in a different environment.

Watford, on the other hand, has also shown interest in Diallo, having made attempts to sign him previously. The club’s strong connections with Udinese, who share the same ownership as Watford under the Pozzo family, could potentially facilitate a move for Diallo, either on loan or with an option to buy.

Diallo’s potential move to Birmingham or Watford represents an opportunity for the 21-year-old to gain valuable experience and playing time, which may not be readily available to him at Manchester United. Despite showing glimpses of his talent, Diallo has struggled to secure a regular spot in United’s starting lineup, prompting interest from other clubs.

Middlesbrough had also expressed interest in signing Diallo, but the winger ultimately decided against joining the club. This decision may have been influenced by various factors, including Diallo’s desire for a new challenge and the potential opportunities presented by clubs like Birmingham and Watford.

One of the key factors in any potential deal for Diallo is Manchester United’s willingness to negotiate the terms, particularly regarding the covering of Diallo’s wages. Diallo’s salary demands have reportedly deterred some clubs from pursuing a transfer, but Birmingham and Watford appear prepared to engage in discussions with United to reach a mutually beneficial agreement.

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Diallo’s decision to snub Middlesbrough may have surprised some, given the club’s connections with Manchester United. Middlesbrough’s head coach, Michael Carrick, a former United player, had previously coached Diallo during his time as caretaker boss. Carrick had spoken highly of Diallo’s talent and potential, making Middlesbrough an attractive option for the winger.

However, Diallo’s preference for a move to Birmingham or Watford may be influenced by factors such as playing time, potential for development, and the overall project of the clubs. Both Birmingham and Watford are ambitious clubs with aspirations for success, which could appeal to Diallo as he seeks to further his career.

In terms of Diallo’s future prospects, a move to either Birmingham or Watford could provide him with the platform to showcase his talent and fulfill his potential. The Championship, where both clubs compete, is known for its competitiveness and physicality, which could serve as an ideal environment for Diallo to continue his development.

Furthermore, a successful loan spell at either Birmingham or Watford could potentially open up future opportunities for Diallo, either at Manchester United or elsewhere. The experience gained from regular first-team football in a competitive league could prove invaluable in shaping Diallo’s career trajectory.

In conclusion, Tony Mowbray’s Birmingham and Watford are actively pursuing a loan move for Manchester United’s Amad Diallo, highlighting the winger’s potential and the interest he has generated from other clubs. Diallo’s decision to consider a move away from Old Trafford reflects his ambition to secure more playing time and continue his development as a footballer. As negotiations progress between the clubs involved, Diallo’s future destination will become clearer, with Birmingham and Watford emerging as potential destinations where he could thrive and make a significant impact.

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