I will buy Chelsea FC or Manchester United to prove white man wrong – Chedder

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I will buy Chelsea FC or Manchester United to prove white man wrong - Chedder

Nana Kwame Bediako, also known affectionately as “Cheddar,” the founder of The New Force, is eyeing a remarkable venture – the acquisition of one of the major English football clubs.

The Ghanaian businessman, who is gearing up to run as an independent candidate in Ghana’s 2024 election, has expressed his ambitious goal to purchase either Chelsea FC or Manchester United. His aim is to assert African power and influence in the global football arena.

“I aspire to raise funds to acquire Chelsea without the public’s knowledge or purchase Manchester United, demonstrating the strength of the Black man,” Bediako remarked, highlighting his desire to revolutionize football in Africa.

He envisions investing in African football to establish an African Champions League akin to its European counterpart. Bediako emphasizes the importance of developing strong football leagues in Africa to provide sustainable pathways for African talent to succeed internationally.

Coming from Kumasi, Bediako emphasizes Ghana’s wealth of resources in former football stars and stresses the need for the country to utilize their expertise in negotiating favorable deals for player transfers abroad.

Reflecting on legendary figures like Papa Arko and Opoku Nti, Bediako regrets the failure to ensure their post-playing success. He believes that with proper support, these players could have become influential football agents, contributing significantly to the industry.

While Bediako’s determination to elevate Ghanaian football has garnered praise, his desire to acquire Chelsea FC or Manchester United has sparked mixed reactions.

Many applaud Bediako’s vision to uplift African football and create opportunities for local talent. They see his potential ownership of a major English club as a step towards greater African representation in the global football landscape.

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However, some express skepticism about the feasibility of Bediako’s plans, citing the immense financial resources required to acquire such prestigious clubs. Others question whether his focus should be on grassroots development rather than pursuing high-profile acquisitions.

Despite the varying opinions, Bediako’s ambition underscores the growing recognition of Africa’s potential in the world of football. Whether or not he achieves his goal, his aspirations serve as a catalyst for discussions on how African football can reach new heights of success and recognition on the global stage.

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