Even with 10 against 11, we played better football than Nigeria – Otto Addo

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Even with 10 against 11, we played better football than Nigeria - Otto Addo

In the recent international friendly between Ghana and Nigeria, coach Otto Addo’s post-match reflections shed light on the Black Stars’ performance. Despite a 2-1 defeat, Addo commended his team’s resilience, particularly in the second half.

The match unfolded in Marrakesh, with Nigeria initially asserting dominance, creating several scoring opportunities. Ghana found themselves under pressure, struggling to gain control of the game. However, Addo noted that despite Nigeria’s early advantage, his team gradually improved as the game progressed.

The turning point came with the unfortunate dismissal of defender Jerome Opoku in the 56th minute. Opoku received a red card under controversial circumstances, leaving Ghana to play with 10 men for the remainder of the match. Despite this setback, Addo applauded his team’s response, emphasizing their ability to maintain composure and continue pressing forward.

One of the highlights of Ghana’s performance was their ability to control possession and dictate the tempo of the game, even with a numerical disadvantage. Despite Nigeria’s lead, Ghana continued to create scoring opportunities and apply pressure in the opponent’s half.

Addo acknowledged that luck wasn’t on Ghana’s side, particularly with the manner in which they conceded the first goal. A handball incident resulted in Nigeria taking the lead, adding to Ghana’s frustrations. However, Addo refused to dwell solely on the negatives, instead choosing to focus on the positives gleaned from his team’s spirited display in the second half.

In the latter stages of the match, Ghana’s determination shone through as they pushed for an equalizer. Despite their efforts, Nigeria managed to extend their lead with a second goal, dealing a blow to Ghana’s hopes of salvaging a draw. Addo lamented the timing of Nigeria’s second goal, as Ghana appeared to be on the brink of leveling the score.

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Looking ahead, Addo acknowledged the need for improvement as Ghana prepares for their upcoming clash with Uganda. The match against Uganda presents another opportunity for Ghana to showcase their capabilities and bounce back from the defeat against Nigeria. Addo stressed the importance of learning from the mistakes made in the previous match and implementing strategies to secure a positive result against Uganda.

In summary, while Ghana ultimately suffered a defeat against Nigeria, coach Otto Addo’s assessment highlighted the team’s resilience and determination. Despite facing adversity, Ghana remained competitive throughout the match, demonstrating their ability to adapt and compete at a high level. As they shift their focus to the upcoming match against Uganda, Ghana will look to build on the positives from their performance against Nigeria and deliver a strong showing in Marrakesh.

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