“Fernandes is a creative machine”- Kevin De Bruyne praises Bruno Fernandes as he ranks Premier League Creative Midfielders

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"Fernandes is a creative machine"- Kevin De Bruyne praises Bruno Fernandes as he ranks Premier League Creative Midfielders

Kevin De Bruyne, the renowned Belgium midfielder, recently stirred up discussions by sharing his rankings of Premier League defenders and midfielders during a segment on Sky Sports.

While recovering from a significant hamstring injury that required surgery, De Bruyne engaged in the lighthearted exercise, evaluating various aspects of the league.

Kevin De Buryne On Defenders

When it came to central defenders, De Bruyne swiftly placed Virgil van Dijk ahead of Thiago Silva and Lisandro Martinez.

De Bruyne justified his choice by highlighting Van Dijk’s versatile skill set – a blend of both feet, towering height, impressive speed, and notable leadership qualities. While acknowledging Silva’s excellence, De Bruyne felt that Van Dijk had a slight edge due to his all-around abilities.

On Midfield Legends

In the category of midfield legends, De Bruyne opted to rank Zinedine Zidane above Luka Modric and Andres Iniesta.

This decision underscores De Bruyne’s admiration for Zidane’s legendary status, his ability to influence matches, and his unique style of play that has left an indelible mark on football history.

On Stadium Atmospheres

Regarding stadium atmospheres, De Bruyne selected St James’ Park as having the best atmosphere, surpassing Anfield and the Emirates Stadium.

This preference likely reflects De Bruyne’s personal experiences and the vibrant ambiance created by passionate fans at St James’ Park.

On Premier League Creative Midfielders

Analyzing creative midfielders, De Bruyne placed Manchester United’s Bruno Fernandes at the top spot. Despite his high regard for Martin Odegaard, De Bruyne lauded Fernandes as a “creative machine” and bestowed upon him the first rank.

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De Bruyne also commented on James Maddison’s move to Tottenham Hotspur from Leicester City, suggesting that he needs to prove himself further in a bigger team to solidify his standing.

Watch The Video Below

De Bruyne’s rankings, while subjective, provide insights into the players and elements he values in the Premier League.

As one of the world’s premier playmakers, his opinions spark discussions among fans and pundits alike. While he remains sidelined due to injury, his football insights continue to captivate the footballing world.

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