Juventus are reportedly planning to replace Paul Pogba with Thomas Partey in case Pogba gets suspended.

Juventus are reportedly planning to replace Paul Pogba with Thomas Partey in case Pogba gets suspended.

Juventus is thinking about signing Thomas Partey from Arsenal, as reports suggest, in case they lose Paul Pogba due to a suspension caused by a positive drug test. Pogba, who used to play for Manchester United and now plays for Juventus, was found to have a banned substance called testosterone in his system after a match against Udinese in August. As a result, he has been suspended from playing for Juventus.

If a second test also comes back positive, Pogba will have to face the National Anti-Doping Tribunal, and if found guilty, he could be banned from playing for two to four years, depending on whether his use of the banned substance was intentional. Pogba’s representatives stated that they are awaiting the results of the counter analysis and maintain that Pogba did not intend to break any rules.

Given this uncertain situation, Juventus is reportedly exploring the possibility of bringing in Thomas Partey from Arsenal to replace Pogba in their midfield. Juventus is said to view the Ghanaian international as a player who could make a significant impact on their team. In fact, Juventus had expressed interest in signing Partey last summer and even had talks with Arsenal. However, they couldn’t agree on a transfer fee, despite reaching personal terms with the player.

The possibility of completing a deal in January seems challenging, though. This is partly because Partey is currently dealing with a groin injury that he sustained before Arsenal’s 3-1 victory over Manchester United. Arsenal’s manager, Mikel Arteta, has indicated that Partey will be sidelined for a few weeks, meaning he will definitely miss their upcoming match against Everton.

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Juventus’ interest in Thomas Partey is indicative of their contingency planning. In the event that Pogba faces a suspension, they want to ensure they have a capable replacement in their midfield. Thomas Partey’s qualities as a midfielder have caught their attention, and despite the challenges posed by his injury and potential transfer negotiations, Juventus is considering him as a viable option.

The situation highlights the importance of depth in a football squad. Injuries and unforeseen circumstances like Pogba’s positive drug test can disrupt a team’s plans, and having suitable alternatives is crucial for maintaining a competitive edge. Juventus is not alone in facing such challenges; many football clubs constantly evaluate potential signings to bolster their squads and address any unexpected developments.

For Thomas Partey, the interest from Juventus serves as recognition of his talent and potential impact on a top-tier team. Despite his injury setback, his performance on the field has evidently left a positive impression on Juventus, and this could open up new opportunities for his career.

As the situation evolves, both Juventus and Arsenal will closely monitor their respective midfield situations. While Juventus hopes for a swift resolution to Pogba’s case, they are keeping an eye on Partey as a potential reinforcement. On the other hand, Arsenal will want Partey to recover quickly from his injury and contribute to their midfield once he is back in action.

In the dynamic world of football transfers and team planning, adaptability and flexibility are key. Clubs must be prepared for unexpected twists and turns, and having a backup plan, as Juventus does with their interest in Thomas Partey, is an essential part of the game. Whether or not Partey ends up making a move to Juventus, this story illustrates the intricate dance of negotiations and contingencies that occur behind the scenes in the football transfer market.

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