Erik Ten Hag must be sacked because of what he did to Ronaldo – Kevin-Prince Boateng

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Erik Ten Hag must be sacked because of what he did to Ronaldo - Kevin-Prince Boateng

Former Ghanaian footballer Kevin-Prince Boateng has some doubts about whether Erik ten Hag is the right fit to manage a big club like Manchester United.

Boateng, who played for Premier League teams Portsmouth and Tottenham, criticized the Dutchman for how he handled the situation with Cristiano Ronaldo.

Ronaldo’s contract with Manchester United was terminated in December after he gave an interview where he made some negative comments.

In a frank chat with Piers Morgan, the Portugal captain opened up about his tough second stint with the Red Devils. He wasn’t happy with the club and Ten Hag, feeling let down by both, before heading to Saudi side Al Nassr on a free transfer.

Under Ten Hag’s guidance, Manchester United managed to secure a Champions League spot by finishing third in the Premier League and also won the Carabao Cup, ending a five-year trophy drought. However, their performance this season has been disappointing, with the team losing six out of ten matches since the season began.

Moreover, Ten Hag’s strict disciplinary approach caused a rift with Jadon Sancho, who is still out of the first team after a social media disagreement with the manager.

Boateng expressed his concerns about Ten Hag’s choice to sideline Ronaldo, especially considering Ronaldo was the top scorer.

He thinks there could have been better ways to handle the situation while showing respect to key players. Boateng also questioned Ten Hag’s ability to coach Manchester United, pointing out a lack of energy and passion in the team’s performances.

In Boateng’s view, the team seems to lack the necessary fire and drive, even though they have some talented players. He believes that when playing at Old Trafford, there should be more intensity and passion. Boateng emphasized that if players aren’t showing these qualities, the coach needs to step in to inspire them.

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Boateng, who retired from professional football in August after almost two decades in the sport, shared his thoughts on the current situation at Manchester United and raised doubts about Ten Hag’s suitability as their manager.

Boateng’s concerns about Ten Hag’s handling of Ronaldo’s situation are quite clear. He believes that removing Ronaldo from the team was not the best decision, especially considering Ronaldo’s incredible goal-scoring abilities.

Boateng thinks that there could have been a more respectful and effective way to address any issues Ronaldo had with the club or the manager.

Additionally, Boateng raises questions about Ten Hag’s coaching abilities, specifically in terms of motivating the team and instilling a sense of passion and intensity. He believes that Manchester United should always play with a certain level of energy and enthusiasm, especially when they are at home in Old Trafford.

It’s worth noting that Boateng’s perspective comes from his experience as a former professional footballer who has played in the Premier League and faced various managers and coaching styles throughout his career.

While Boateng’s opinion may not reflect the views of all Manchester United fans or football experts, it provides an interesting insight into the ongoing discussions and debates surrounding the team’s performance and coaching staff.

In conclusion, Boateng’s doubts about Erik ten Hag’s suitability as Manchester United’s manager stem from his concerns about the handling of the Cristiano Ronaldo situation and the perceived lack of energy and passion in the team’s performances.

Boateng’s perspective adds to the ongoing conversation about the future of the club and the direction it should take under its current leadership.

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