I would cost not less than €120 million in today’s transfer market – Kevin-Prince Boateng

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I would cost not less than €120 million in today's transfer market - Kevin-Prince Boateng

Former Ghanaian footballer Kevin-Prince Boateng thinks he would be worth about €120 million if he played in today’s transfer market. 

Boateng began his football journey at Hertha Berlin in 2004 and became a first-team player in 2006. 

He left Hertha Berlin in 2007 to join Tottenham Hotspur and later played for various teams across Europe. His career took him to Borussia Dortmund, Portsmouth, AC Milan, Las Palmas, Sassuolo, Barcelona, and Besiktas before retiring earlier this year.

Discussing the high transfer fees for young players today, Boateng said that he would have been valued at over €100 million in today’s market during his prime.

 He expressed his thoughts on the current football landscape, saying, “It is too easy now. Back in the day, it was tougher. You had to be the absolute best before you could even train with the first team. 

Today, you play one good season, score 15 goals, and suddenly you cost €60 million. I would have been worth €150 million back then because at my age, I was the best in Europe. I’m not trying to sound arrogant, but that’s the truth. 

They cost too much money, and it’s too easy now. When I was my age, I came from Germany as one of the biggest players at 20 to Spurs. No chance. I played about 50 to 60 games in two years at Spurs.”

Boateng also revealed that he had to fib about his support for Real Madrid after he joined Barcelona. “I support Hertha Berlin, where I was born. Sorry, Blaugrana. 

Barcelona fans might not like this, but I supported Real Madrid. I couldn’t say that at the press conference.

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They told me, ‘Don’t ever say that, or you can’t play.’ I asked, ‘What do you mean?’ and they said, ‘No, you can’t say that.’ Two years earlier, I had an interview when I played for Las Palmas, and they asked me, ‘Who is the best player in the world?’ I said Ronaldo in this world and Messi in the galaxy. They also asked me my favorite club, and I said Real Madrid.”

“When I joined Barcelona, the first question was, ‘Which is your favorite club?’ I said Barcelona. ‘Who is the best player in the world?’ I said Messi. 

This was one of the biggest lies because I usually tell the truth, but I had to lie because I wanted to wear the shirt at Camp Nou for once. I think everyone understands.”

Boateng retired from professional football in August after a career that spanned almost two decades.

In summary, Boateng believes he would be worth around €120 million in today’s transfer market, given the high transfer fees for young players. He also shared that he had to pretend to support Barcelona and Messi after joining the club, even though his true allegiance was with Real Madrid.

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