Napoli to Sue Creators of Cicciobello Bomber Toy, Protecting Osimhen’s Image Rights

Napoli to Sue Creators of Cicciobello Bomber Toy, Protecting Osimhen’s Image Rights

Napoli has distanced itself from the creators of a doll replicating their eminent striker, Victor Osimhen. This figurine, bearing a striking resemblance to the Nigerian luminary, complete with the protective visage he adorns, became an internet sensation on October 5, triggering inquiries into whether the club had granted its endorsement.

The reigning Serie A champions recently faced the ire of Osimhen’s fervent supporters when they disseminated derogatory videos ridiculing the forward for his penalty miss.

Napoli has issued a statement, affirming that the doll’s creators acted autonomously without their consent. Aside from the face mask, the figurine sports a complete Napoli ensemble, replete with Osimhen’s jersey, number nine, embellished upon it.

“In relation to the news, widely disseminated across various online platforms, concerning the impending launch of a juvenile product named “Cicciobello Bomber” – a figurine faithfully replicating the likeness of the player Victor Osimhen, bedecked in a uniform unequivocally alluding to the first-team shirt – SSCN explicitly states that this constitutes an unofficial commodity, crafted without any form of authorization from the Club.”

Football Italia reports that the figurine was manufactured by Giochi Preziosi, a company under the ownership of former Genoa benefactor, Enrico Preziosi.

The club has pledged to undertake unspecified measures, which could potentially entail legal recourse.

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Nigerians protest Napoli’s treatment of Osimhen

Nigerians have staged protests against Napoli’s handling of Victor Osimhen. Despite the Super Eagles striker’s statement, certain Nigerians have taken to the streets to voice their disapproval of the manner in which the Italian Serie A outfit has treated him.

Osimhen isn’t the sole focus of the demonstrators; they are also advocating for the plight of other Nigerian athletes in Europe and beyond, who grapple with various challenges.


The rationale behind Napoli’s distancing from the Osimhen figurine remains ambiguous. It is plausible that they harbor reservations regarding the product’s quality or apprehensions about the adverse publicity it has garnered.

The demonstrations by Nigerians against Napoli’s treatment of Osimhen are comprehensible. The forward stands as a national icon in Nigeria, and it’s natural for fans to feel aggrieved over the perceived disrespect meted out by his club.


The course of action Napoli will pursue against the creators of the Osimhen figurine remains to be discerned. The club’s response to the protests by Nigerian enthusiasts is also uncertain.

Nonetheless, it is manifest that the rapport between Osimhen and Napoli has strained. The unfolding events in the ensuing weeks and months will undoubtedly be of interest in gauging the evolution of this situation.

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