My personality prevented me from playing for the Germany national team – Kevin-Prince Boateng

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My personality prevented me from playing for the Germany national team - Kevin-Prince Boateng

Kevin-Prince Boateng believes that his character kept him from playing for the German national soccer team, despite his talent.

He opened up about his decision to represent Ghana instead of Germany and how he felt he wouldn’t fit in with the German team due to his outspoken nature.

Boateng initially played for Germany in the youth ranks, representing them at the U19, U20, and U21 levels.

However, he made the switch to play for Ghana and participated in the 2010 and 2014 FIFA World Cups as a member of the Ghanaian national team, known as the Black Stars.

Discussing his choice to play for Ghana, Boateng expressed that his personality and character wouldn’t have been a good fit for the German national team.

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He mentioned that he tends to speak his mind and may not always follow the coach’s instructions. This made him feel like he didn’t belong in the German squad.

He explained, “I played for Germany up to the U-21 level, so it seemed like I was destined to play for the German national team.

But I didn’t see myself fitting in there because I’m the type of person who says what he thinks and doesn’t always do what the coaches tell me to do. Maybe the coach would say ‘play on the left,’ and I’d choose to play on the right because I believed it was the better option due to my mentality. So, I didn’t see myself being part of that team.”

Boateng also emphasized that while there was no doubt about his talent, his character and attitude were the primary concerns for the German team.

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The relationship between him and the German football authorities became strained, leading him to reconsider his options.

He further explained, “With this ongoing back-and-forth with Germany, our relationship wasn’t good. I didn’t want to go, potentially play for the German national team, and then have things go awry again, resulting in the whole country turning against me. S

o, I decided to take a different path and play for Ghana, representing my African heritage and making my people proud.”

In addition to discussing his soccer career, Boateng also shared a personal aspect of his life during a podcast with former Manchester United legend Rio Ferdinand.

He revealed that he recently got baptized in Germany and expressed his faith, declaring, “Revelation 3:20 – And It’s up to us to open the Door or not. JESUS is The way, The truth, and The life.”

He posted pictures of his baptism on social media, indicating a newfound commitment to his faith.

In conclusion, Kevin-Prince Boateng’s decision to play for Ghana instead of Germany was influenced by his belief that his character and outspoken nature would not be well-received within the German national team. He opted to represent Ghana and is also openly sharing his faith journey with the public.

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