My son is a big fan of Barcelona – Luis Diaz’s father

My son is a big fan of Barcelona – Luis Diaz’s father

Colombian winger Luis Diaz has become a vital player for Liverpool since joining from Porto in January 2022. His speedy moves, skillful dribbling, and goal-scoring abilities have earned him a special place among Anfield fans.

However, despite his growing love for Liverpool, Diaz’s father recently shared that his son harbors a lifelong dream of playing for the renowned Spanish club, Barcelona.

During an interview with Colombian TV channel Win Sports, Luis Manuel Diaz, the winger’s father, revealed his son’s unwavering admiration for Barcelona.

“The truth is that I know very little about Barcelona at the moment,” he admitted, acknowledging his son’s limited knowledge of the club’s current situation. “It is true that Luis is a loyal Barcelona fan, and it would be his dream to go there,” he confessed, shedding light on his son’s deep affection for the Blaugrana.

Despite this dream, Luis Diaz Sr. acknowledged the strong connections his son has formed with Liverpool and its fans. “So far I would like to thank Porto and Liverpool for the way they welcomed him and received him,” he expressed, showing gratitude for the warmth and support his son has received during his time in England.

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Diaz’s father also commended his son’s hard work and dedication, traits that have significantly contributed to his success at Liverpool.

“Luis is a player who finds it easy to win over because of the way he is, because of his humility, his work, his dedication, he is a very disciplined player, thank God,” he remarked, highlighting personal attributes that have endeared him to both teammates and supporters.

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While a move to Barcelona remains a potential future scenario, it seems unlikely in the immediate term. Diaz plays a crucial role in Liverpool’s attacking lineup and has played a key part in their recent achievements. His two goals for Colombia against Brazil in a World Cup qualifier victory further underscore his form and potential.

Diaz’s father acknowledged the allure of playing for a club like Barcelona, stating, “There would be no problem if Luis came to Barcelona because it is a top team and one of the best in the world.” He understands the appeal of representing such a prestigious club with a rich history and a global fan base.

However, the strong bond Diaz has developed with Liverpool and its supporters, along with his current contributions to the team, suggest that a move away from Anfield is not a priority at this time. Diaz has found a home at Liverpool, where he feels valued and appreciated, and his focus remains on helping the club achieve its goals.

While Diaz’s dream of playing for Barcelona may come true someday, for now, he remains committed to his role at Liverpool, continuing to impress fans and contribute to the club’s success. His future may include the Camp Nou, but at present, Diaz’s heart belongs to Anfield.

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