Ranked: Fastest Premier League players in every position

Ranked: Fastest Premier League players in every position

The Premier League, renowned for its thrilling matches and world-class players, also boasts some of the fastest athletes on the pitch. This season, several players have captivated fans with their blistering pace, leaving defenders scrambling in their wake. Let’s delve into the top speedsters across different positions, revealing the speed demons who are redefining the game.

Goalkeepers: Robert Sanchez

Credit: Sky Sports

Chelsea’s Spanish goalkeeper, Robert Sanchez, emerges as the undisputed king of speed among shot-stoppers. His remarkable top speed of 35.11km/h highlights his agility and ability to chase down attackers, as evident in his pursuit of Bryan Mbuemo during Chelsea’s home loss to Brentford.

José Sá of Wolves and Aaron Ramsdale of Arsenal follow closely behind with top speeds of 29.33km/h and 29.04km/h, respectively. These goalkeepers’ athleticism and quick reflexes are crucial in preventing goals and maintaining defensive solidity.

Defenders: Dara O’Shea

Credit: Lanc live

Despite Burnley’s struggles in the Premier League, their central defender Dara O’Shea stands tall as the league’s speediest defender. The 24-year-old Irishman has clocked a top speed of 36.73km/h, demonstrating his exceptional pace and ability to cover ground rapidly.

Tottenham’s Micky Van der Ven and Chelsea’s Ben Chilwell occupy second and third place, respectively, with top speeds of 35.52km/h and 35.5km/h. These defenders’ speed and agility make them formidable opponents, capable of thwarting attacking threats with their closing down skills.

Midfielders: Dominik Szoboszlai

Credit: Goal.com

Liverpool’s new midfielder Dominik Szoboszlai has quickly established himself as one of the Premier League’s hardest runners, showcasing his impressive work rate and stamina. His top speed of 36.76km/h makes him the league’s fastest midfielder, leaving defenders in his dust.

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Everton’s Amadou Onana follows closely behind with a top speed of 36.65km/h. These midfielders’ ability to cover ground quickly and maintain high intensity throughout matches makes them invaluable assets to their teams.

Forwards: Chiedozie Ogbene

Luton Town’s winger Chiedozie Ogbene has not only made a lasting impact with his attacking prowess but also reigns supreme as the Premier League’s fastest forward. His astonishing top speed of 36.93km/h leaves defenders trailing in his wake, making him a nightmare to contain.

Wolves’ Pedro Neto and Newcastle’s Anthony Gordon complete the podium, with top speeds of 36.86km/h and 36.68km/h, respectively. These forwards’ ability to explode into space and capitalize on their pace makes them potent attacking threats.

Conclusion: Speed as a Winning Formula

Pace has always been a crucial element in football, and the Premier League’s speedsters epitomize this dynamic aspect of the game. Their blistering pace not only creates scoring opportunities but also disrupts opponents’ strategies, adding an unpredictable dimension to the game. As the Premier League continues to showcase its top talent, these speed demons are sure to captivate fans with their electrifying performances.

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