Charles Taylor blasts Medeama for taking pictures with Al Ahly players after a 3-0 loss in the CAF champions league

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Charles Taylor blasts Medeama for taking pictures with Al Ahly players after a 3-0 loss

Former Ghanaian forward Charles Assampong Taylor has expressed disapproval of the Medeama players for reportedly smiling and taking pictures with Al Ahly players after their 3-0 defeat in the CAF Champions League. The Ghana Premier League champions faced their Egyptian counterparts in Cairo during their debut campaign in the group stage of Africa’s premier inter-club competition.

Despite a commendable first-half performance, Medeama succumbed to a 3-0 defeat in the final 25 minutes of the match, with Kahraba, Hussein El Shahat, and Salah Mohsen securing the victory for Al Ahly.

Post-match footage surfaced showing some Medeama players engaging in friendly interactions with Al Ahly players, a sight that Charles Taylor finds inappropriate.

In a statement on Angel FM, as quoted by Ghanaweb, Taylor voiced his concern, saying, “It’s in their heads that because they feel like, even if we lose by three, it’s okay. That’s how come they will finish the game and be taking pictures with the (Ahly) players.”

Expressing his disappointment, Taylor urged condemnation of such actions, raising the hypothetical scenario of facing renowned players like Ronaldo, suggesting that the players might take a different approach.

“Sometimes, they should be focused and think of how to beat them when they come here. They have looked down on themselves,” Taylor remarked, emphasizing the need for a determined mindset to seek results, especially in competitive football.

The former Hearts of Oak player, known for his contributions during the late nineties and early 2000s, was part of the historic 64 Battalion that secured a treble of league, FA Cup, and CAF Champions League in 2000 with Hearts of Oak. Taylor later controversially switched sides to play for Hearts’ bitter rivals, Asante Kotoko.

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This incident raises questions about the mindset and professionalism of players in the aftermath of a defeat, particularly on the continental stage. While the disappointment of losing a match is palpable, some argue that maintaining a serious and focused demeanor post-match is crucial, especially considering the competitive nature of top-level football.

The criticism from a football veteran like Charles Taylor sheds light on the importance of maintaining a strong mentality and dedication to the game, even in the face of defeat. As players represent their clubs and country, the public eye scrutinizes their actions, urging them to uphold the values of sportsmanship and competitiveness.

In conclusion, the incident involving Medeama players and their interactions with Al Ahly players post-defeat has sparked a discussion on the appropriate conduct in professional football. Charles Taylor’s perspective adds weight to the conversation, emphasizing the need for players to maintain a serious approach and prioritize results, even in challenging circumstances.

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