Ghanaian Gold Medalist Calls Out Unpaid Bonuses: Winnifred Ntumi Fights for What She Earned

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Ghanaian Gold Medalist Calls Out Unpaid Bonuses: Winnifred Ntumi Fights for What She Earned

Winnifred Ntumi, a shining star at the recent African Games held in Accra, Ghana, is facing a frustrating reality. Despite bringing home gold and double silver medals in Weightlifting, she, along with other Ghanaian medalists, haven’t received their promised bonuses from the Ministry of Youth and Sports.

A Triumphant Return Met with Disappointment

Ntumi’s story is one of hard work, dedication, and ultimately, disappointment. On March 10th, 2023, she became Ghana’s first medalist at the African Games, dominating the women’s 45kg and 49kg Snatch events. The weightlifting hall erupted in cheers as she secured gold and two silver medals. Yet, the victory celebrations were dampened by the lack of promised financial rewards.

Promises Unfulfilled: The Ministry Goes Silent

Ntumi, along with other winning athletes, haven’t received a dime from the Ministry responsible for supporting their endeavors. In an interview with Happy FM, she expressed her frustration, stating, “I’ve not received the money yet. We (all the disciplines) have not heard from them [the Ministry] up till now. Sometimes, when I call, they don’t even pick up.” This lack of communication adds insult to injury for the athletes who dedicated themselves to bringing glory to their nation.

A Frustrating Contrast: Past Performances Rewarded, Present Forgotten

Ntumi highlighted the stark difference between her experience at the 2023 Games and the previous edition held in Morocco in 2019. “In Rabat [Morocco],” she explained, “I got the money immediately after I finished the competition.” This swift reward system stands in stark contrast to the current situation, leaving Ntumi feeling disheartened. “This is very heartbreaking because this is the first time I’ve experienced this. In my home country,” she emphasized, adding another layer to the disappointment.

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Time Ticks By: A Call for Transparency and Action

Over a month has passed since Ntumi’s victories, yet the Ministry remains silent. “I competed on the 10th of March, and today is 18th of April,” she pointed out during the interview. “We don’t even need reasons, but let’s hear from you,” she pleaded. This lack of transparency is not only disrespectful to the athletes but also raises concerns about the Ministry’s commitment to supporting Ghanaian sports.

Beyond Ntumi: A Collective Struggle for Ghanaian Medalists

Ntumi isn’t alone in this struggle. She revealed that all Ghanaian athletes who medaled at the 2023 African Games haven’t been paid their bonuses. This collective experience paints a concerning picture of the Ministry’s handling of athlete compensation. It’s not just about the money; it’s about recognizing and rewarding the dedication and sacrifices these athletes make to represent Ghana on the international stage.

Looking Forward: Fair Play for Ghana’s Future Stars

Winnifred Ntumi’s story is more than a personal tale of delayed payment. It’s a call to action for transparency and accountability within the Ghanaian sporting system. Ghanaian athletes deserve fair treatment and recognition for their achievements. Hopefully, Ntumi’s voice, along with the voices of her fellow medalists, will be heard. Resolving this issue is not just about honoring past victories but also about creating a system that supports and motivates future generations of Ghanaian athletes.

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