Black Stars players don’t take instructions well, not just because the coaches are not good – C.K. Akonnor backs Chris Hughton

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Black Stars players don't take instructions well, not just because the coaches are not good - C.K. Akonnor backs Chris Hughton

The performance of Ghana’s national football team, the Black Stars, has recently come under scrutiny due to a series of subpar results.

As the team gears up for the Africa Cup of Nations (AFCON) in January 2024, the pressure on Head Coach Chris Hughton has intensified. Former Ghana coach Charles Kwabla (CK) Akonnor has stepped forward to offer insights into the challenges faced by the team, emphasizing the need for patience and shared responsibility.

The Current Struggles

Ghana’s recent run of form, with only one win in their last four matches and a surprising defeat to Comoros in a 2026 FIFA World Cup qualifier, has raised concerns among fans and management alike.

This disappointing performance has led to increased scrutiny on Chris Hughton and his coaching staff.

Akonnor’s Defense and Call for Patience

Former Ghana coach CK Akonnor has defended Hughton, urging management to exercise patience and not solely focus on immediate results.

Akonnor emphasizes that the emotional reactions from management need to be balanced with a consideration of factors beyond the final score. He acknowledges the responsibility placed on coaches but stresses that patience is crucial for Hughton to implement his vision for the team successfully.

Player Responsibility

Akonnor brings an essential perspective by highlighting the role of players in the team’s performance. According to him, players often make the coaching job difficult by not fully adhering to instructions.

He calls for discipline among the players, emphasizing the need for them to listen and execute the tactical plans laid out by the coaching staff. Akonnor suggests that blaming coaches alone is not fair, and players must take responsibility for their actions on the field.

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Technical Staff Competence

In response to doubts raised about the competence of Hughton and his technical staff, Akonnor strongly defends their track records.

He points out the experience and success of Hughton as a manager, Didi Dramani’s contributions to the sport over the years, and Boateng’s tactical knowledge. Akonnor insists that the coaching staff is not lacking in expertise, and their credentials speak for themselves.

Shared Responsibility for Team Functionality

Akonnor emphasizes the need for a collective effort for the team to function effectively. While coaches play a crucial role, players must also contribute by following instructions and executing the game plan.

Acknowledging that blame often falls on coaches, Akonnor urges a more nuanced perspective that considers the players’ role in achieving success on the field.

Looking Ahead to AFCON 2024

As the Black Stars prepare for the Africa Cup of Nations in January 2024, the focus is on ending a 41-year trophy drought. Hughton and his coaching staff face the challenge of regaining form and uniting the team to compete at the highest level.

Akonnor’s plea for patience and shared responsibility sets the stage for a critical period of evaluation and improvement leading up to the tournament.


The recent struggles of Ghana’s national football team have sparked discussions about coaching, player responsibility, and team dynamics. Former coach CK Akonnor’s insights offer a balanced perspective, emphasizing the need for patience with Coach Chris Hughton and shared responsibility among players. As the Black Stars aim to break their trophy drought at AFCON 2024, the coming months will be crucial in determining the team’s readiness and ability to overcome challenges on the path to success.

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