Kudus Mohammed goal celebration goes viral as Fatawu Isshaku and Mavididi imitate him

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Kudus Mohammed goal celebration goes viral as Fatawu Isshaku and Mavididi imitate him

In the dynamic world of football, goal celebrations often become iconic, and players create unique moments that resonate with fans. Mohammed Kudus, the talented midfielder from West Ham United, has introduced a distinctive celebration that is now catching on among his peers at Leicester City.

This article delves into the emergence of Kudus’ goal celebration as a trend and explores the recent replication by Abdul Fatawu Issahaku and Stephy Mavididi during Leicester City’s victory over Birmingham City.

Kudus’ Celebration Goes Viral

Mohammed Kudus’ goal celebration has become a topic of conversation and imitation in the football world. Known for its simplicity, the celebration involves running to the advertising hoardings and taking a seat.

Despite its apparent straightforwardness, the celebration has gained popularity, and its influence was evident during Leicester City’s recent triumph over Birmingham City.

Leicester City’s Victory and Notable Performances

Leicester City’s hard-fought 2-3 victory against Birmingham City propelled them three points clear at the top of the Championship table. Abdul Fatawu Issahaku, a standout performer in the match, provided two crucial assists, showcasing his impact on the team.

Stephy Mavididi, benefiting from Issahaku’s assist, replicated Kudus’ celebration, underscoring the growing influence of the unique goal celebration.

Issahaku’s Impressive Contributions

Abdul Fatawu Issahaku’s role in Leicester City’s recent success has not gone unnoticed. The Ghanaian teenager, on loan from Sporting Lisbon, has seamlessly integrated into the Foxes’ starting lineup.

Beyond his goal-scoring contributions, Issahaku’s two assists against Birmingham City further solidified his importance to the team’s dynamic attacking play.

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Kudus’ Perspective on the Celebration

In a recent revelation, Mohammed Kudus shed light on the inspiration behind his goal celebration. Contrary to speculation about hidden meanings, Kudus clarified that the celebration is a simple act of catching his breath.

The West Ham United star’s candid explanation adds an intriguing layer to the celebration, challenging fans’ attempts to read deeper meanings into players’ actions on the field.

Issahaku and Mavididi Embrace the Trend

During Leicester City’s clash with Birmingham City, Abdul Fatawu Issahaku and Stephy Mavididi embraced Kudus’ celebration, signaling the adoption of this unique trend within the team.

The replication of the celebration underscores the camaraderie among players and their shared acknowledgment of memorable moments in the sport.

Issahaku’s Impact in England

Abdul Fatawu Issahaku’s positive experiences since joining Leicester City on loan are noteworthy. The Ghanaian international has not only earned a spot in the starting lineup but has also contributed significantly, tallying two goals and five assists in the Championship.

His adaptation to English football highlights the global appeal of the sport and the seamless integration of talents from different footballing backgrounds.


As Mohammed Kudus’ goal celebration becomes a trendsetter at Leicester City, the footballing world witnesses the power of unique moments to captivate players and fans alike.

The simplicity of Kudus’ celebration, now replicated by teammates like Issahaku and Mavididi, highlights the camaraderie and shared experiences within the squad.

Whether it’s catching a breath or creating a memorable celebration, these moments contribute to the rich tapestry of football culture, connecting players and fans in shared joy and celebration.

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