Fans blast Eden Hazard for saying he’s better than Ronaldo in terms of pure football

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Fans blast Eden Hazard for saying he's better than Ronaldo in terms of pure football

Eden Hazard’s recent comments drawing parallels between himself and Cristiano Ronaldo have set off a wave of reactions from fans and onlookers. The former Belgian international, who retired from football following a challenging stint at Real Madrid, boldly claimed that he is a superior “pure footballer” compared to Ronaldo, despite acknowledging the Portuguese superstar’s remarkable achievements and standing in the sport.

Hazard’s statement, as previously highlighted, is rooted in his confidence in his own talent and playing style, setting himself apart from Ronaldo’s illustrious career filled with titles and individual accolades.

One fan expressed their view, stating, “He was brought to Real Madrid to replace Cristiano Ronaldo and couldn’t even achieve 2% of what Cristiano Ronaldo accomplished with Real Madrid. Cristiano scored more goals with his head than Hazard’s total career goals. The only thing Eden Hazard excels at more than Cr7 is eating burgers.”

Another fan weighed in, asserting, “Cristiano Ronaldo is undeniably the greatest player in Real Madrid’s history. Eden Hazard, on the other hand, stands out as the biggest disappointment in Real Madrid’s history. There’s a clear distinction, buddy.”

“In terms of pure footballing ability, Hazard, or whatever that guy’s name is, honestly doesn’t even come close to Nani,” added a third fan. “Hazard mentioned pure football, yet he cannot take free kicks, corners, score goals, provide assists, and merely dribbles the ball while using his backside to block opponents. The Premier League hype seems to have gotten to his head. He wasn’t even half the player Bale was,” chimed in a fourth.

Hazard’s remarks have not only ignited a debate about his self-perceived abilities but have also drawn comparisons with other players, further fueling the discourse among football enthusiasts.

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The context of Hazard’s tenure at Real Madrid, attempting to fill the void left by Ronaldo, adds a layer of complexity to the discussion. Fans seem particularly critical of Hazard’s inability to match Ronaldo’s impact during his time with the Spanish club. The stark difference in goal-scoring records, especially with headers, becomes a focal point in evaluating their respective contributions.

The sentiment is clear in the comparisons drawn between Ronaldo’s legendary status at Real Madrid and Hazard’s perceived underwhelming performance. Fans are quick to point out the apparent gap in achievements and the significant disappointment associated with Hazard’s time at the club.

The comparison with Nani, another talented player, further emphasizes the skepticism around Hazard’s claim to superior “pure footballing ability.” The fan’s remark suggests that Hazard falls short in various aspects when compared to not just Ronaldo but also other players like Nani.

Criticism extends to Hazard’s assertion of being a “pure footballer,” with fans dissecting his skills, or perceived lack thereof, in areas such as set pieces, goal-scoring, and overall contribution on the field. The comment about his playing style, emphasizing dribbling while using his backside to block opponents, adds a humorous yet critical perspective on Hazard’s self-assessment.

The reference to the Premier League hype influencing Hazard’s perception of his abilities adds a layer of context to his comments. It suggests that Hazard may have been influenced by the acclaim he received in the Premier League, which might not have translated as expected during his stint in La Liga.

Comparisons with Gareth Bale, another player who made a significant impact at Real Madrid, bring another dimension to the conversation. Fans seem to suggest that Bale outshone Hazard during their respective tenures, further questioning Hazard’s claim to superiority.

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In conclusion, Eden Hazard’s recent comments comparing himself to Cristiano Ronaldo have sparked considerable debate and criticism from fans. The comparisons, especially with other players like Nani and Bale, highlight the skepticism surrounding Hazard’s self-assessment. The context of his time at Real Madrid and the expectations associated with replacing Ronaldo contribute to the overarching narrative of disappointment. As the discussions continue, it remains to be seen how Hazard’s post-retirement remarks will be remembered in the larger context of football history.

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