Sack him – Chelsea fans call for Mauricio Pochettino to be sacked after disappointing results against Wolves.

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Sack him - Chelsea fans call for Mauricio Pochettino to be sacked after disappointing results against Wolves.

Chelsea supporters voiced their frustration on Sunday as the team faced yet another disheartening defeat, this time at the hands of Wolves.

In a new low for Mauricio Pochettino’s squad, they plummeted into the bottom half of the Premier League following the loss, with Matheus Cunha securing a hat-trick for the opposition.

The discontent among fans was palpable, evident in the loud boos that echoed through the stadium at the final whistle. The pressure on Pochettino, who took the reins at the beginning of the season, continued to intensify.

Even during the match, fans expressed their dissatisfaction, particularly when Raheem Sterling was substituted for Mykhailo Mudryk after 72 minutes. Sections of the home crowd jeered Sterling off the pitch, reflecting the growing frustration.

Chants and songs mocking the team emanated from the stands, underscoring the significant challenges Chelsea faces, despite an upcoming cup final. Despite the considerable financial investment – over £1 billion in four transfer windows since Todd Boehly assumed ownership – the team has struggled to translate this spending into on-field success.

After finishing 12th last season, Chelsea finds themselves in a similar predicament this campaign, already on their third permanent manager under Boehly’s tenure. During the Wolves defeat, fans even resorted to chanting for the return of former owner Roman Abramovich, whose reign saw the club clinch two league titles and two Champions League trophies.

The frustration reached a boiling point with fans chanting ‘we’re fing s‘ during the match, renewing calls for a change in management. Thiago Silva’s wife, Belle, added her voice to the discontent, posting on social media just before full time: ‘It’s time to change, if you wait any longer it will be too late.’ The post garnered significant attention, accumulating over 17,000 likes and nearly 1,500 replies.

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The frustration extended beyond the stands, with reports indicating that Moises Caicedo, a £115 million summer signing from Brighton, smashed his seat in frustration upon being substituted. The on-field struggles have raised questions about the effectiveness of the significant financial investments made by the club.

Next on the horizon for Chelsea is an FA Cup replay against Aston Villa, followed by challenging league fixtures against Crystal Palace and Manchester City. Pochettino, who seemingly criticized Mudryk before the game, attributing his benching to ‘meritocracy,’ will be hoping for an opportunity to reverse the team’s fortunes.

The discontent among fans is indicative of the high expectations associated with Chelsea, especially considering the substantial financial backing the club has received under Boehly’s ownership. The frustration appears to stem from the team’s underwhelming performances despite the significant resources invested in player acquisitions.

The Wolves defeat highlighted not only the team’s struggles on the pitch but also the strained relationship between the fans and the current management. The decision to replace Sterling, a player who has often been a focal point of criticism, triggered a negative reaction from the supporters, further exacerbating the already tense atmosphere.

The chants for Abramovich, the successful former owner who had to sell the club due to geopolitical events, underscored the nostalgia among fans for a period of sustained success. The comparison between the current situation and Abramovich’s era adds an additional layer of pressure on the current ownership and management to deliver tangible results.

The social media post from Thiago Silva’s wife adds a personal dimension to the growing dissatisfaction. Belle Silva’s call for change, coupled with reports of player frustration like Caicedo’s seat-smashing incident, paints a picture of a team grappling with internal issues beyond the tactical challenges on the field.

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The upcoming fixtures, including the FA Cup replay and league matches against Crystal Palace and Manchester City, present crucial opportunities for Pochettino to prove his ability to steer the team in the right direction. The call for change is resonating not only in the stands but also among the players and their families, adding to the urgency for a turnaround.

In conclusion, Chelsea finds itself at a crossroads, with discontent among fans reaching new heights after the defeat to Wolves. The financial investments made by the club have yet to yield the desired results, leading to frustration among supporters. The upcoming matches will be pivotal in determining Pochettino’s future at the club, as well as addressing the broader concerns surrounding Chelsea’s performance and direction.

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