Former Ghanaian Footballer Charles Taylor Criticizes Erling Haaland’s Style of Play

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Former Ghanaian Footballer Charles Taylor Criticizes Erling Haaland's Style of Play

Former Ghanaian international Charles Assampong Taylor has made a controversial statement, suggesting that Erling Haaland would struggle to secure a spot in Hearts of Oak’s starting lineup due to his playing style. Taylor, known for his legendary status in the Ghana Premier League, criticized Haaland’s reliance solely on scoring goals and questioned his ability to influence games beyond scoring.

Haaland’s Performance and Criticism

Despite being the top scorer in Europe last season and maintaining an impressive goal-scoring record this season, Erling Haaland has faced criticism for his style of play. While he has been prolific in front of goal, some have argued that he struggles to make an impact in games aside from scoring goals. This criticism has intensified as Manchester City faced challenges against compact opponents and were eliminated from the Champions League by Real Madrid.

Taylor’s Assessment

Charles Assampong Taylor expressed his skepticism about Haaland’s ability to fit into Hearts of Oak’s starting lineup. He emphasized that Haaland’s style of play, which focuses primarily on scoring goals, may not be suitable for a team like Hearts of Oak. Taylor suggested that Haaland’s performance against top teams raises doubts about his ability to thrive in competitive environments.

Comparing Haaland to Ghanaian Football

Taylor drew a comparison between Haaland’s style of play and the standards of Ghanaian football, particularly within the context of Hearts of Oak. He suggested that Haaland’s playing style might not meet the expectations of a team like Hearts of Oak, where players are expected to contribute more than just goals. Taylor’s comments reflect his belief that Haaland’s performance against top teams may not translate to success in the Ghanaian league.

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Taylor’s Background and Legacy

Charles Assampong Taylor is renowned for his contributions to Ghanaian football, particularly during his time with Hearts of Oak. As part of the famous 64 Battalion that achieved a treble of league, FA Cup, and CAF Champions League in 2000, Taylor left a lasting legacy in Ghanaian football. Despite controversially crossing carpets to play for bitter rivals Asante Kotoko, Taylor is remembered for his electric pace and skills on the flanks, as well as being a former top scorer in the Ghanaian league.

Haaland’s Adaptability

While Taylor’s comments raise valid points about Haaland’s playing style, it’s worth considering the Norwegian striker’s adaptability and potential to evolve as a player. At just 23 years old, Haaland has already established himself as one of the most prolific forwards in world football. His ability to score goals consistently, even against top opposition, demonstrates his immense talent and potential.

Impact Beyond Goals

While Haaland may primarily be known for his goal-scoring prowess, he has shown glimpses of his ability to contribute in other aspects of the game. His strength, speed, and ability to hold up play can create space and opportunities for his teammates. Additionally, Haaland’s presence in the opposition box often draws defenders, opening up space for midfielders and wingers to exploit.

Taylor’s Critique in Context

Taylor’s critique of Haaland’s style of play should be viewed within the context of his experience and perspective as a former player in the Ghanaian league. While his comments may seem harsh, they offer insights into the expectations and standards upheld in Ghanaian football. Taylor’s belief in the importance of well-rounded contributions from players reflects the values instilled in many footballing cultures.

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Haaland’s Future

As Haaland’s career progresses, he will likely face continued scrutiny and criticism, as is common for players operating at the highest level of the game. However, with his talent, work ethic, and determination, Haaland has the potential to overcome challenges and continue to thrive. Whether he remains at Manchester City or moves to another club in the future, Haaland’s impact on the game is sure to be felt for years to come.


Charles Assampong Taylor’s criticism of Erling Haaland’s style of play offers a perspective rooted in his experience in Ghanaian football. While Haaland’s goal-scoring abilities are undeniable, questions remain about his ability to influence games beyond scoring. As Haaland continues to develop as a player, he will face challenges and criticisms, but his talent and potential suggest that he is capable of overcoming obstacles and leaving a lasting legacy in the world of football.

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